The Remedy

by Parisian Tone

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In the age of excessive auto-tune, sub-par lyrics, lack of creativity & an overall disregard for music as an art-form in general, I found something to alleviate all that...I found THE REMEDY!


released February 5, 2008

Mixed & Engineered by Eric Horowitz

Bandcamp Banner by Janele Bryan


all rights reserved



Parisian Tone New York, New York

Paris | New York

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Track Name: Casualties Of Life
Casualties of Life

Verse 1
Just another day in the struggle,
Gotta hustle up until the day a nigga bubble.
Avoid trouble like a bad rash, but it’s hard, pockets screaming and a nigga need mo cash
Kinda like: how long the bullshit gon’ last? Being broke aint a joke got the world showing it’s ass,
I’m trying to double up, to get my money up, but the more I try the more I see it aint enough.
Mind-set get bank, want to ante up, trying to at least see a mill before my time up
Hmmm…don’t know what’ll happen, but I got a hunch I’ll get a deal if I keep rapping (yea).
Positive attraction turn me to a money magnet, on the paper chase in motion never stagnant,
Gotta keep it street, in a thugs uniform with the pants saggin’ (ugh!)
Dreaming bout the days of no subways and no wagon,
High off weed and at the same time high-classing,
Figure it’ll come true, if I continue to imagine;
I hear em laughing, but I got nothing, fin to make it something, just watch the magic
Soon to be sunny days, no more rain, and no more pain, yea
Just watch the forecasting.

Life is hard no kidding,
Gotta decipher what’s real cuz a lot bullshitting.
I go for the gold cuz aint shit given,
The road’s long and sometimes unforgiving…
It’s just the casualties of how I’m (2x)
It’s just the casualties of how I’m living;
Here we go, here we go, come one.

Verse 2
Ok now I’m back in, can’t bitch about the hand dealt, I just play to win
Trying to stay stationary in the whirlwind,
Thinking to myself, simply when?
As in when’s gon’ be my time?
But I gotta focus on now, ok fine.
And what make it worse, a lot of people shady on earth
And sometimes the closest got ulterior motives.
Making me wish I knew how to read the play by play just like coaches.
My ups and downs similar to roller coasters,
So when the stress start’s taking over, I’m reflecting;
Sipping hen mixed wit coca-cola,
I’m feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders
I think it’s starting to get heavier as I get older,
People getting cold, so I gotta get colder damn,
I’m just trying to make sure my heart don’t get frozen,
And at the same time making moves like I’m chosen
Playing the game, nah, but I don’t need tokens,
Cuz I’m about to play it till the shit’s broken.
Spitting like this leaves my mouthpiece smoking,
Soon to have the whole U.S open. Yea,
Got that thug shit in me like a shot of Remy…
Can’t have kids, cuz all I do is breed envy.

(Repeat Hook)

Verse 3
A lot of people want the knowledge, ok, I turn up the heat and give em more degrees than a college.
2-Tone shining brighter than the sun, no polish.
I’m flexible on wax no posture.
When it comes to this rap I be a monster
Similar to green goblin, better go and call Peter Parker,
I’m broke, so of course, money is the mantra,
For a nice fee I’ll feature nobody’s harder,
And if the price is right then damn it I’m Bob Barker.
But, since the flo aint paying my rent it seems, that this only in my dreams.
Just the aspirations of a young teen,
Chasing that cream crop, trying to get that Getty-green,
Gotta keep the flo steady dope like amphetamines,
I figure that way, they’ll pump me (yea).
And I’ll be seeing figgas like I pump keys,
And everything’ll be cool like a breeze,
Aint worried bout money I’ll be free…
Yea, that’s what a nigga need.

(repeat hook)
Track Name: Paradise

Verse 1
I’m chilling on the beach, somewhere in the islands,
Sipping on some champagne, sun so vibrant;
On that good green you can only see my eyelids,
Mami chilling next to me and almost high as I is.
We having sex on the beach but aint tired;
The weed slow me down, but I’m still wired.
Chilling with chicks looking something like Mariah,
And when the sunset, it’s like the sky on fire.
Ok, next venue – women coming through, so who on the menu?
Ms. Michelle and Tamika too,
And when she come through we’ll see what Tamika do.
And we talking that body language so we all nude,
Make it hot in the bed so we all get cool.
Nigga throw on the slow jams then we all groove,
When you throw away the clothes, you throw away the rules

(repeat 2x)
I’m thinking bout paradise,
Cooler than a brick of ice, and I just might let my mind slip tonight,
Close my eyes, slide off,
To where the weather nice, wake up in paradise.

Verse 2
I think I’m wet dreaming,
Cuz all these girls want is the semen,
So Ima give it to em’ this evening.
No screening process, just some more meat for you to digest.
We can play cops and robbers, girl you under arrest.
And I know how to relieve the stress.
Start by relieving the bra, and then revealing your chest,
Foreplay and kisses on the neck right before the sex.
Got you gushing like a fire hydrant, leave the scene wet,
You aint fucking wit a rookie I’m a certified vet.
What’s next? Group sex got me bustin like a tech,
Fucking, from sun-up to sundown, but I aint finished yet!
Betta call room service tell em come clean the mess,
I’m so cocky have the girl yelling who the best. Ugh!
And that be me! Call me Mr. Fix, give you what you need. Yea!

(repeat hook 2x)

Verse 3
She a bad girl, something like Billie Jean;
And I got her under the covers just like a magazine.
Going at it hard and we bout to break the bedsprings
She got a migraine, the way I make her head ring.
I just give her the rush like NFL teams,
In it longer than a scrimmage, baby can you feel me?
I got that Marvin Gaye treatment, sexual healing,
Cuz you my inspiration and that dress so appealing.
(Oooh) Let me give it to you,
Two grown folks gon head and do what it do.
Vodka and orange juice all she know is the screw,
Like, Adam and Eve, all we know is the nude.
And if we crash from round 2, it’s time to reboot.
Take a blunt to the face and chill’s how we recoup;
You trying to fight giving up the nut,
But baby what’s the use? Gon head let loose and ugh…
That’s that place where the weather nice, a good move, aint gotta think twice.
But then everything got real bright and it seems,
That trip to paradise was from the cup of that lean, and before I could see,
I felt like B.I.G, “it was all a dream”…damn.

(repeat hook)
Track Name: Faded

Verse 1
When my body gets to running, my mind starts sprinting
Life’s one big race, I’m just trying to finish –
Cuz it don’t mean shit just by being in it,
So I play hard, and make sure that I’m winning.
Errbody trying to eat, and I just want dinner:
I know I got game that yall gon remember.
Give a bitch wood and I bet it’s no splinters,
The outside’s cold, so its better being in her.
A metaphor for life which is cold like the winter,
So I’m just trying to warm up for December.
Heat up enough till I feel the embers,
Then spit flames at all the contenders.
If you hard body then you can’t be tender,
But some still get bent just like fenders.
You are now in the zone of the enders,
Mind state psycho and most don’t enter.
But since you are now in the center,
Let the rap clear your head just like cleanser.

Sometimes I think I’m trapped in a daze;
Going round in circles trapped in a maze,
But hey, what can I say? A nigga gotta blaze.
Jailbreak, get free, time to escape
Yea, yea, it’s time to escape,
So ugh, lets gon and escape.

Verse 2
Right now I’m in a state of psychosis,
Usually sane so this feeling is the dopest
Gone off good gaunge, but still focused –
This is the remedy, the lyrics are the potion.
Helps divide the stress down to the quotient,
Refrain from the fast lane, slow motion.
2 miles an hour and now a nigga coasting,
That lye gets me high so I’m floating.
Mary Jane got mind control, she potent…
But back to the matter of hand at the moment.
I feel like a champ who don’t have opponents,
Float like a butterfly, sting like a ho’net (hornet)
It’s nighttime now, and they all start yawning;
They sleeping on me and I think I hear em snoring,
But I bet the sunshine wake em in the morning,
But I bet the sunshine wake em in the morning…

(repeat hook)

Verse 3
With the flow I dabble in, minds unraveling,
See the future clear like I been time traveling.
Paint the picture wit no brush by just babbling,
They can tell I’ll prevail like they tattling.
Got a purple heart from the mc battling,
A soldier of fortune, and they aint combatin’ him.
Treat em like dough, just go and batter them –
Make em fall slow like snow wit no gravity.
Gotta change the game, so some might be mad at me,
Kill the bullshit by bringing pain like a cavity.
Going for the heart, rip apart they anatomy;
I live, and let live, and let be.
You can do you and ima do me,
But the most successful you can’t always see.
I’m buried treasure resting at the bottom of the sea,
At the door to the throne and I think I got the key.

(repeat hook)

Verse 4
Never have been the type to go and brag and boast,
Hailing from the m-town and plus the east coast,
And I think, this add to the style the most,
Take the best from both then start to climb rope.
If I’m chasing a dream then I still got hope,
And if I go and try then I might come close;
I gotta make a legacy before I get smoked,
So I light up and burn out just like a roach.
I’m on, determination avenue,
Increasing the altitude, till I see a cloud or 2.
So high up, all I see is blue.
Where I need to be, sky’s the limit and it’s true.
If you’re trying to outshine me then you’ll lose,
Cuz I eclipse stars, just like the moon.

(repeat hook)
Track Name: PSA I

My caliber, got me challenging, all challengers,
And I’m coming through, smoother then a Dillinger
And my words be so pure, just observe,
Fuck it I’m coming through, yall’ll straight get served.
Niggas talking like they bout it bout it, they get what they deserve
Cuz I’m coming out and these niggas is unheard.
And they got plenty nerve, talking like they did something.
I’m like yall aint bumping, plus yall niggas stay frontin.
What the fuck you know, when I spit it leave they tweeters thumping,
Don’t really matter cuz I’m fucking other niggas woman.
Nigga got that game and its fluid than some water
2-Tone I’m worth about 50 fuckin quarters.
Better yet I’m worth more than vitamin fucking water,
You do not know how I’m painting pictures I’m a artist.
We aint gotta start shit, and I aint on that hard shit,
But I still turn a hard dick to a soft prick
No homo, but they on that soft shit.
And I’m still coming back, and it’s so different.
Niggas talking like they bout it but I swear they straight pussy!
Yall don’t wanna make me budge, nigga don’t push me.
Yall straight rookies, get crunched like a cookie.
Betta yet you crumble when you see that royal rumble,
And I’m spitting like thunder, yall niggas going under
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, I got ya number bitch!
Coming through and that girl walk wit a switch,
Errbody looking at the young pimp, who is this?
Nigga eating plenty of that lobster plus that shrimp
And fuck it I just get it how I get it, it makes sense.
And no, that’s not the past tense, I’m looking towards the future,
Spitting on your airwaves I’ll pollute you.
Open up my mouth, a nigga straight shoot ya.
What you know about this, you aint seen a luger,
Better yet that’s a ruger, call me a sharp shooter
No Bret Hart but I got that flame up in the dark.
What the fuck it is, go and show me the biz,
Cuz if it’s money out there to get, I’m trying to get it
And fuck it if you help then we can split it.
You know how it goes, money making schemes, I’m so wit it.
And I’m so gifted, cuz my flo be prolific
The beat got no gravity, I straight up lift it.
This motherfucking shit, I’m the fucking man!
Anybody wanna know check my fucking stance
And I aint got a dance, just plenty lyrics
Put it up to ya temple, I hope ya hear it.
Track Name: Lately

Verse 1
Don’t know what I was thinking lately,
Started creeping in my head call her baby.
So just maybe it wasn’t, as simple as I planned.
A casual thing, that’s going to holding hands.
Wasn’t how it’s supposed to be but now it’s other plans,
And I heard through the grapevine that there was other man’s…
But if I stopped to think then I already took a stance,
What’s the situation? Lets take a glance,
To see that there’s a soft side and by chance
It comes with affection, love, and romance
Now it takes 2 to dance but iono,
Like should I come? Should I stay? Or should I go?
Now I’m a pimp so I won’t go for broke,
But for the love thing I swear that I’m a dope.

(repeat 2x)
I been giving some thought to miss lady,
Pondering the possibilities and the maybes.
Cuz I noticed I aint been too shady,
She got me feeling kinda funny, lately.

Verse 2
Now it’s act 2, so what should I do?
Cuz the more it goes on, the more I’ll be stuck like glue.
And true, I swear that I don’t miss you,
But in the full form, sometimes I wanna kiss you,
And that’s an issue, because, that way it won’t be like it was
From innocent rubs to affectionate hugs
I say fuck the love cuz it only brings hurt.
So I gotta go and evaluate the worth,
Wit my head in the sky looking for a way to work.
But my head gets clouded when you go and flirt,
In my conscience I can see you lifting up your skirt
No I can’t lie, it’s not better than the best
But I can say, a bit more than the rest.
I wear my poker face when I see her in the flesh,
Looking for the kryptonite, everything’s a test.
And I’m just trying to avoid a big mess,
So she won’t rip the “S” from my chest.

(repeat hook)

Verse 3
Now as you can see, I got a dilemma.
The inside is hot, but the outside is colder than the winter,
And the only out is not to go in her.
Stick to the rules of the game, I remember, but it got tricky…
And the rules fell, kinda like timber.
I’m caught in the balance, pondering my thoughts
Like either way I go, Im still bound to take a loss
Cuz a fair exchange still comes with a cost,
And this is pleasure not business, so I can’t write it off.
Maybe if it didn’t happen I’d be better off,
But sooner or later the same battle would be fought.
So should I come, should I stay, or should I leave?
Is it us, it her, or is it me?
Time tells all, so we’ll have to wait and see.
I don’t know, but maybe I should let it be…

(repeat hook)

Verse 4:
In my mind, I’m thinking there’s the door.
Trying to keep myself from calling you a whore.
Now I hear that there’s more and more,
So that means that I gotta go and settle the score.
When you go I’ll cum, in another wo-mun (woman),
Cuz 2 know how to go and play that game hun.
And as time goes on, you’re not looking like the one,
So I’m bout to throw the towel in and say done.
Cuz there’s not a lot of time for drama when you’re young.
Plus I’ll forget when the weed hits the lungs.
But baby girl I don’t mean malice,
I just work my problems out better when I spit em’ over ballads.
And me and you are up and down, we need balance.
So the answer to my question, I already know.
Should I come, should I stay, or use the do’ (door)?
Hate to say no, but I gotta go (see ya later)

(repeat hook)
Track Name: GSA (Ghetto Service Announcement)

Verse 1
By any means like Malcolm X.
Being black in this world, I gotta focus on my next step.
Politically speaking I need a few answers,
Like why the last black movement died with Panthers?
Government wanna see us die slow just like cancer,
More niggas behind bars than in schools a lot to handle.
They wanna see us kill ourselves,
Why else you think they put that malt liquor on black liquor shelves?
Long as you sell that dope to your brother keep slanging,
Pull a trigga, kill a nigga, hey keep bangin!
The hood’s crowded with guns, wonder where to aim em’?
The whole system’s crooked, learn the rules and they change em’.
Politician’s crooks too, watch the campaignin’
And as we all hunger paining, they try and tame us.
Expressing no pity, blue suits and a badge,
Now tell me who the biggest gang in the city…
Found who killed King, but who killed Pac and Biggie??
I’m starting the revolution, nigga is you wit me?
Aim yo guns, but make sure they pointed in the right direction.
And not at each other, cuz another one gone is more pain for a mother and we all brothers.
I propose that the Bloods, Crips, Jamaicans and Haitians, form a black gangster nation
That’s down for the community.
Cuz when it’s about you and me, banging on each other is senseless,
And we all trying to come up out the trenches.
Know what I mean? And lest I forget,
More respect to our women, cuz they all queens
From the old to the young and everything in between;
She aint just a ho cuz she wearing them jeans.
Being blacks a blessing, most want it in they dreams,
And no I wouldn’t trade this for nothing it seems;
I love my African roots, among other things,
Feels good knowing that I came from a line of kings.
It’s hard ask the squad, but when it gets tough,
Keep ya head up and keep ya faith in God.
Track Name: Memphis City Blues
Memphis City Blues

Cuz down south we slow it down like chopped and screwed,
Getting chewed while I’m sipping on the best of brew,
On the porch smoking Kush wit a homie or 2
You hear that guitar sanging, it’s that Memphis City Blues life
Yea, yea, that Memphis City Blues life
It’s just that Memphis City Blues life…

Verse 1
Whenever that drama bring pain,
Take it away like novocain, never to be felt a-gain (again).
Make a gain in the game to maintain,
No more mobbing, just gripping on wood grain simple and plain.
Stay smoking on that good mane, I’m nice, but the flo is not po-lite
Cruising in the whip rolling like a set of dice.
Staying out of sight from po-lice, aint gotta think twice,
I’m trying to come up and get some cheese like mice.
But for now, I’m chilling in the M that’s right.
Got my game on, so it’s time to find Ms. Tight,
And if I say the right lie then she just might,
Take a bite out the young boy like Klondike.
I think I see a couple flies, cuz my future so bright;
Trying to highlight the paragraph next to high-life.
But tonight, we boozing and cruising,
On that good shit just Memphis City Bluesin’

(repeat hook)

Verse 2
My attitude is have no pity, in the heart of my city,
I know a lot of rappers, but aint half fucking wit me.
I don’t make it too complex, cuz it really aint that tricky
Smoke lye, get high, hit the mall, jump fly.
Doing 60 in a 45, watch the scene go by
All about the hustle, make more than the other guy.
Watch jealous niggas, keep em close in ya left eye,
That way if they move you can see em fo’ they even try.
Keep a real woman, aint gotta ask a question why…
Cuz these other bitches burn ya ass like a stove eye.
Oh I must contess, getting bent in the park late night is the best.
A hood barbeque in the Haven, I’m like yes!
Plenty niggas tripping and plenty of that cess,
Yea they hate in my city, but I can smell the success.
And tonight, we boozing and cruising,
On that good shit, just Memphis City Bluesin’

(repeat hook)

Verse 3
Maybe I should meditate, instead of self-medicate,
Demons inside make me wanna kill away the hate
Burning for my chance to blow make me now wanna wait,
Talk about the flo pound for pound, I’m crazy straight!
I’m a king, full house, no Mary-Kate,
Trying to push freight in mix-tapes, no more baby weight
When I die, have em’ play my album at the whole wake,
I’m gone, but just do it for my soul sake.
What does it take to let yall know?
Have the whole world singing my flo…like HELLO!
Balla status, just pass me the rock like Carmello
Making a living spittin rhymes over treble.
But tonight, we boozing and cruising,
On that good shit, just Memphis City Bluesin’

(repeat hook)
Track Name: Gimme Ya Love (Prod. By Eric Horowitz)
Gimme Ya Love

Verse 1
I’m gifted like a present, even though I’m looking towards the future;
Mind moving like 50 computers – open up my mouth and I’ll shoot ya,
So bow-down! I been around, but I ain’t been crowned.
And when my flow got found, then yall got dumbfound,
Like I woulda been rich sooner if I just dumbed down.
But with this, I swear that I’m reluctant,
I got the heat so I just take my time and like a volcano I’m erupting.
Who’s hotter? 4 bars like 40 yards of hot lava,
Got niggas shook up like a pot of hot water.
Try and take me out the game but I’m Bruce Willis baby, so ima die harder!
The government’s S-dot, but no I’m not carter
But with that said, you still must try harder.
Niggas don’t try at all for this rap, they get nada
Nothing but a new bitch, few chips, new whip.
But they going for the fish, and I want the whole dish
Like they trying to buy it used and I want that new 6.
Like they working wit pellets, and I’m working wit a full clip
We aint saying the same shit, but this a new twist.
And it got me standing out like a french kiss,
Clutching, ass and tits on Beyonce’s lips.
I’m married, to the game on some fiancé shit,
But before I can get plugged,
Ima need you to…

Gimme ya love (gon head and just, gon head and just, gon head and just)
Gimme ya love (because I need it, so yall gotta give it to me that’s right so)
Gimme ya love (that’s right, uh, that’s right)

Verse 2
I’m about to rap until I catch a seizure.
Don’t forget about the flow, no amnesia.
Trying to sit up on the money like a paraplegic,
And I gotta be heard so there’s a reason;
Why I make the flow cold like the fall season
I wanna be prime time me and the homies big screening
No seeds in that weed we big chiefing,
Money being made legal, so it’s no policing.
Sick ass music coming out, but no treatin’
I was born without bread, so I’m just trying to get even.
No revenge, just trying to stack ends,
And I’m watching him if he dippin in my dividends.
Will I be famous? Well that depends,
On how the outcome comes out,
And all the buzz associated with that clout.
I could break it down to a science
But I’ll keep it simple: it’s good, so you should go and buy it.
Hardest nigga coming out swinging, no lyin’
Going for the rap jungle just like lions.
The past was bleak, but the future’s looking vibrant
Never staying stagnant, steady rolling like tires.
Bringing soulful back like a down-south choir
It’s there for me to get it so, I’m bout to acquire
That eternal spot, cuz he spit fire
2-Tone, flame-on, yall niggas dead wrong.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Just gimme ya love,
Like a addict for a good drug,
Cuz the boy know how to whip the beat like a rug.
Been lying down time to get up,
Shout-out to the homies if they climbing wit us!
Fin to keep it coming automatic, don’t know the meaning of enough
If he’s hard-body then the lyrics be tough,
Kinda like iron from a stainless nena,
My demeanor, be dirty south, but no one is cleaner.
I holla at a kitten make her cat pur (4 sho)
I train her and she say yes sir, cuz I flow fluid, you can check the texture,
Me and Hyde Watson, that’s a good mixture
Straight dope baby, I’m so pure.
I’m that ill and there’s no cure
I’m grinding in the game so I’ll endure,
All the obstacles to make it better for my tomorrow
Free of sorrow, and I bet he go to the basket like a free throw.
2-Tone, T.L.R, coming in we here folks,
Bout to cook it up like a set of egg yolks.
Niggas hating but aint moving, I swear they damn jokes…
2-Tone guaranteed to make ya jam slow.
And what I need yall to give, you already know
So just gon head and, just, just, just…

(repeat hook)
Track Name: Day Dream

Verse 1
My mind bends, thoughts in the wind, back at it again
Flow rugged as Timbs, like who the fuck is him?
Style so real you can’t even pretend, au-thenti-cated;
In my own mind, making headlines in these trying times.
Take mine, and I’m coming at you wit a fully loaded 9,
Nigga that’s iron that’s steel.
I get it how I live, nigga fuck how it is,
Gotta kill me twice before I get fucked out of a deal.
My flow priceless, so I’m bound to make a mill,
Yea it’s plenty of trades, but you can’t teach the skill.
How you like that? Not displaced, no mis-takes
Fin ta make it to tha top off, one mix-tape
Count that on ya fingers, that’s just one take.
I’ll add the flames to the dough, go and bake the cake.
I’ll add the bread to the cheese, that’s money making,
I’ll sit back and watch it pile like snow flakes.

Verse 2
Tired of this state I’m living in,
So the goal’s to come up in tha millennium
And as I’m going through the process like a Pentium,
I gotta side-step haters, cuz it’s plenty them.
I watch them foes just like I watch my friends,
Cuz some friends get close, just to pretend
It’s all a mirage. So if they flodge, I just dodge.
It’s Tone, H.N.I.C, that’s head nigga in charge!
Need to add some dollas to my name, evens and odds.
Cuz a bank’ll go and help me even the odds.
And I’m still standing tall, cuz my strength is in God
Above waters and the others seem like they built to fall.
Taking any challenger now, the big or the small.
Feeling like Jordan nigga just gimme the ball.
The answer to the game and I aint even place a call
I’m feeling cocky as ever, like I aint take a loss.

Verse 3
I’m a hustler so I’m focused on playing the game
Clocking grip like a meter, nigga watching the change
And when the money simmer down, then rekindle the flame.
I could get it illegit or legal, 2 of the same.
But that legal route don’t involve clearing the name,
So a crook by the book gives me a better range;
To land an advance, and, advance on some land,
Focused on that real estate, I’m the enterprise man.
Trying to build an empire wit my own 2 hands,
And if that don’t work, fuck it I got other plans
By chance to place myself right by the elevator,
Press a button, take me to the top like an aviator.
Mind mechanics focused on green, that’s how the hood made us.
Money burn slow, long after they cremate us.
And I know that this shit is ours for the taking…
So the only thing left to do is make it.
Track Name: PSA II

Verse 1
Liver than a muthafuckin’ set of bricks, that’s on fire
And I am multiplying the fact that I spit fire,
So that makes me, more pumping than a hydrant.
How I’m bumping? Iono, but I’m still goin and I hear the tweeters thumping
Nigga I’m jumping, just like a jackrabbit.
See it, then I gotta get at it, go grab it.
And I’m just stabbing or poking the game,
And hopefully I hit the heart or something the mainframe.
But still I maintain, you know how he go
Still got that sick flo. It’s not in the hospital don’t you know
But still it’s coming out – If I see the money bring it out bring it out.
Spot the fake like a pig-snout, if you are in doubt then get we me
The motherfuckin deputy, nah fuck that,
I’m that…sheriff. Yall know who the fuck you scaring.
You are not daring to be more out daring
Than the muthafuckin, outlandish.
2-Tone still standing, on top loud and proud.
Fuck it, I’m so willd – And the style gets versatile,
And I’m coming back worse too on verse 2, who is you?
Nigga you are feminine like her shoe, got that fucking mass appeal
How I’m coming through? Drastic still,
And the skills are still increasing, you are not deleting
This muthafucking nigga who’s a beast from the east,
Make that muthafuckin east coast rise like yeast.
And I’m bringing up the south, cuz it’s coming out my mouth
The muthafuckin bullets, pow-pow in ya house,
And that’s shooting out a window
Hope you can get down, as my flow crescendo,
And I’m gone off that indo wit Eazy
Know I’m doing this be-lieve me.
Got this shit locked down like a muthafuckin master,
Yall know I got this, turn a nigga into Casper
For thinking that he scaring me, the muthafuckin nightmare,
And I spit but don’t care. How I’m standing bare?
Nah, I’m standing in it all – Hell yea, 2-Tone too tall.
Fuck it, I put up a shot, yall niggas go and have a ball. I’m fin to get it all.
How a nigga ball? Kinda like plat-nam (platinum).
You don’t what he on – It’s a battle field to me just like Nam,
But I’m still coming through don’t mean to cause harm
But, I, know I knock em out with that muthafuckin funk flow, oh don’t you know
Nigga so simple, over instrumentals, 2-Tone doing this shit, check the cro-dentials (credentials).
Track Name: Love Letter
Love Letter

(repeat 2x)
Don’t know what to say when I face her,
Want her so bad I could taste her,
Look at her picture, smell her fragrance,
Now she got my mind racing like, oh!

Verse 1
Baby I’m just writing to you, to let you know how I feel.
Them others might lie but I’m oh so real,
And if you want to slide off we can get low-key like Shaquille
And if you got a man, well I’m going for the steal (uh-huh),
I wanna say something, but I’m scared you’ll give me the ice-grill
So for now, I gotta my feelings concealed,
But it’s kinda hard we you know you got that sex appeal.
Hair done, french tips and the Nine-West hills,
The girl so hot she make the boy wanna chill (ewwww)
Lets get lost up in the hills,
I can take you to X without taking the pills.
But I’m ahead of myself, let me put my tounge on your neck,
Now tell me how, does that feel..?
Scream so loud the neighbors think that you getting killed, that’s the deal,
But this would be so much better if it was real…

(repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Now we can go up and down just like a rollercoaster,
Game smooth as Casanova
But I can’t get over when she’s next to me in tha vicinity,
Got me feeling all funny inside,
Like I’m back in 1st grade and all I wanna do is hide.
Now I know, I don’t need the excess for me to impress,
But seeing you in that purple dress, my mind’s thinking caress.
And when I see the spaghetti straps I start thinking bout the breast.
But really, I’m trying to figure how I could offer you the best
And separate myself from the rest, what a test
I assess that my feelings’ll show,
And I figure if you feeling me the same way your feelings’ll grow.
But without the ver-bowl (verbal) there’s no way that you could know
So I’m looking like a fool with my face down in the snow.
And I’m left with my plans to be together in slow-mo
Got-damn, this operation’s a no-go…

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Now I describe her as a slim cutie, wit a nice size booty,
Light-skin complexion looking like she stepped out a movie.
I wonder if she would pursue me if I had the flashy car, fancy chains, and a couple fancy rangs.
But fuck all that! I just need a lil game,
Ok, walk over poised and tamed.
Simple and plain, she in your cross hairs, so she know the aim
Confident not cocky, you might get a dame…
How you doing, Tone’s the name, I’m a different kinda breed,
I can tend to mind body soul and give you what you need,
If you ever feeling in pain, then please call on me,
I can give you a full body massage from your head to your feet!
And even if I’m full then I’m still gon eat,
And you don’t even have to do the same to me.
And you wifey, feel free to stain them sheets,
Our love is deep, I’m up inside her when we sleep.
But ugh…unless we ever speak, she’ll never know what was in my head
So I’m left with everything unsaid…
Track Name: Smile

Verse 1
I know it’s hard raising 2 kids without a lot of cents;
Bills keep adding up, plus you gotta pay the rent.
Looking round wondering where ya baby daddy went,
Cuz he was here when it was good, but left when all the money spent.
And even though the chips are down,
You gotta find a way to push through and change the frown.
Whatever it takes, whatever the stakes,
Just keep yourself in tact and don’t confuse you wit your mistakes.
Don’t look at all the break-ups as a chance to make up,
Use it to get yourself right and get your cake-up
Wake up, cuz baby girl you don’t need no man,
All you need is ambitions and a plan.
I know you feel lost trying to figure where you stand,
Cuz it seem like you alone and nobody lends a hand.
You struggle day to day and don’t nobody give a damn.
And what’s worse, you coming home tired,
The boss giving you hell and there’s a chance that you might get fired.
But it’ll only make you stronger if you learn to walk through the fire.
Don’t wanna do it a-gain,
But keep pressing through the pain
And you’re soon to see a change.

Verse 2
I know it’s tough as a young adolescent,
You got the future at your feet but you keep second-guessing.
Cuz being alone in a broken home is adding to the stress,
And when your loved one’s leave you on your own it adds to the mess.
And when it seems like nobody cares it’s hard to assess, the next step,
So in turn you digress.
Having more pain than joy’s a lot to digest,
But you can make tomorrow better if you just focus on the process.
Like look to the good side, and check your prospects
Against all odds, I done seen plenty come up out them projects
Cuz it’s a whole new world when you’re grown,
And you can’t sit around trying to fix mama’s broken home.
She made her choices, and now you gotta make your own,
But you dealing with the guilt from her saying that you’re wrong.
Don’t know if you should stay or stray,
But there’s gotta be a better way, so right after you pray
You know you gotta …

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
I try to smile and keep my head above ground,
Cuz it all seems like it’s going down…hill from here.
It appears that I’m losing friends who we shed tears,
Hanging out late nights, guzzling 40 ounces of beer;
All cuz of the fact that I’m far and they near
Losing the bond of these close peers, confirms my worst fears,
Making it seems like the good times we had were never here,
And nothing more than recollections of the past year.
Growing up as an only child, fitted wit a lonely smile,
Only wanted a brother as I was going through the trials…
And tribulations, I found 4, but I think they all gone now
So change is what I’m faced with.
Past faces stripped faceless, making it seem,
Like venom all the game laced wit..caught in the matrix.
And feeling all complacent, and wondering where all my old partners went,
Money is being made, but aint nothing making sense
And hence, I’m looking towards the future, no past tense.
We lost each other the same way we got found…this rapping,
And even though it hurts, I still, try, to…
Track Name: PSA III

Verse 1
Hop up in that water,
Don’t matter if it’s boiling or broiling, used to it hotter.
Yea coming down from the bottom,
Straight to the top up, so it’s time to squad up!
Talking like they hard stuff,
But I swear on the scene they don’t even pop up.
Yea yall get popped on yo top like rock em sock em
2-Tone coming through looking for a bopper, and I bet she young joc me
And I’m, fin to knock her out tonight just like rocky.
Yea…I think I’m on another planet,
Rhythm nation moving, kinda like Janet…
Jackson, how I’m coming through? Ready for action
Plenty ammo like Rambo, outta control
Fuck it! I’m just holding my nuts!
And niggas trying to speak, but I aint saying what’s up.
And ugh, nigga, the style so sharp you might get cut,
Know I got that fucking flame in the dark.
And I, came to bring the pain, but really I came to bring the truth
So I spit it in or outside the booth
And that’s real, yall know,
Flow so lethal you might get killed.
Nigga I flow, so that mean I spill…
On to another muthafuckin venue, see what I done been through
Iono…I just try to paint that picture vivid wit my mental.
My credentials, leave me painting a picture
But yall can’t trace it just like stencils.
Yea, and yall get broke like a pencil,
Got-damnit, yall are just mind food.
Came to spit it till I get the groove,
2-Tone playing hard, nothing to lose.
Yea, something to prove gotta make a point,
So I smoke each track like a fuckin joint.
They know about me, well not yet.
Don’t really matter coming up to get that check.
In fact, I’m that mack. What you know about me?
Style so black, style so hooded, I think that they love it.
Nigga I’m just thugging
See what I’m doing, what I’m doesing, cousin, buzzin,
Whatever you wanna call it
Still gone…think I’m an alcoholic,
Cuz ugh, these young ways got me in a daze
But fuck it I still do play,
Yall know, and I soufflé, the muthafuckin track, kinda like a chef,
Hot to death, don’t think that they want this shit
But every time I come up, they like 2’s sick!
Track Name: Caught In The Mix
Caught In the Mix

Verse 1
Time moves on and the next hand ticks…
It’s just a-nother day, nigga…caught in the mix.
Avoiding hater’s like mouse-traps, wit they cheap tricks
I’m ill – so it must mean I’m that sick.
Riding like the Lone Ranger on the solo tip,
I bet I hustle up enough tapes of this real shit.
Smacking niggas wit my cd’s, just so they can feel this.
This aint an implant, I bring you the real shit.
Catch me in the streets yelling can I get a deal bitch?!?
A couple of hot tracks so I can kill shit.
But I kill more than time, so I stay on my grind,
I got restoring this rap shit consuming my mind.
Cuz rap niggas is slipping,
Shoes is untied, and all they doing is tripping…
It’s a delusion, best believe like getting easy money, it’s an illusion
I got the fallen soldiers on my back who fell to the confusion
So I resurrect this lost art, and it’s these mics I’m abusing.
I have no choice, held down they can take everything but my voice;
Fluid like the movement in that river,
I got the flow that’ll make ya shake and shiver
Now get ready for me to deliver
Rhymes so cold, feels like the dead of winter…
Toxic flow, OH NO! Now that venom’s in ya,
Listen closely, it’s the chronicles of a sinner,
Chasing dreams and cream hoping hollows don’t have my head for dinner.

(repeat 2x)
Time moves on and the next hand ticks,
it’s just a…nother day nigga, caught in the mix.
(caught in the mix 4x)

Verse 2
I feel upset…thoughts of glamour and glitz,
And I aint even blew up yet.
I need a common ground, a place where my heart and mind connect,
Where I can be cool like a breeze, and still bust off like a tech…
Nine-automatic, mouth full of shells, letting muthafuckers have it.
That’s why I don’t like battles, results are usually tragic,
Love making music from my heart, it’s usually magic.
Only for the real – weak hearted niggas can’t stand it.
Rhythm ticks, all types of base and shit. And I’m somewhere in the middle,
Caught in the mix – what I’m up against feel’s like small armies.
But ya boy’s the one like Neo so come harm me, come swarm me.
Yall bring the dozens. I’ll just bring the drama, L.E and my cousin.
Plus a crowbar and 4-iron so we can get to clubbing.
T-off on ya face then proceed to putting.
How yall expect to prevail if all yall talk about is nothing?
Cars, clothes, gats or a gangsta bitch
Niggas think they rapping really aint rapping about shit.
Fuck all these pussies that wanna be dicks,
The game needs a makeover so I guess it’s time to douche it.
Between heaven and hell is where I dangle,
Still looking for his wings a fallen angel…
Begging for the curtain call before I fall,
And if you oppose me then death to yall.
And it hurts, cuz what you hear in church don’t prepare you for half the stuff you see on earth.
All the pain, I wouldn’t add rearrange or take away,
Cuz it made me stronger for the battle the next day…
Don’t know who I’m yelling at, but I’m yelling back,
Prepared to walk through the flames nigga hell and back.
Scorched, burned and maimed, but I maintained,
And went through it all without a scratch to the brain.
Ask me would I again, I say I do it the same,
Relevant thoughts, too many to pick,
Its’s just another day nigga and I’m caught in the mix
It’s just another day nigga and I’m caught in the mix…BIOTCH!

(repeat hook 2x)

Time rolls on and the next hand ticks, I swear it’s just another day caught up in the mix.
I’m caught up in the mix…yea, still caught up in the mix.
(Ugh) Another day and I’m still caught in it…but I won’t get caught slipping.
Track Name: Rebel Republican
Rebel Republican

(repeat 2x)
The way I’m spitting it, you can tell that I’m dif-ferent
Freestyle, pen or pad, I speak niggas listening.
How I deliver it, you can tell that I’m living it,
Spit a flow once, and you know that ain’t forgettin it.

Verse 1
The way I spit it is so abstract.
Leave tracks that were in tact, bent and outta whack.
I’m, not in-line, I’m in mine,
Competition fair weather so a nigga feel fine.
Rap’s precious to me, got everything on the line
So if a nigga disrespect I reach down his throat and beat him wit his spine.
But what I gotta jack fo? This is chess…I could beat him wit my mind.
Mental telepathy, running that paper chase so fast that, time aint even ahead of me
My wings got clipped, but my flo’s still heavenly;
No white robes, no halo’s, just thinking bout big bank and payrolls.
They ask who number one, but in they heart they know.
You saying something when you the best, and it aint cuz you say so.
Violators get your legs bent the way they aint supposed to go
They like 2, how you shining? You ain’t supposed to glow,
Product of that concrete, that rose learned to grow.
Trying times made the man, hail, sleet or snow.
My team’s trying to get well fed,
So we baking the dough to get that real bread.
But it’s more than money making to me.
I don’t wanna die at the top, I wanna burn out the spot.
Like it or not, I’m me, I’m here I’m real,
Fuck me? Fuck you, fuck how you feel;
It’s some kings in the jungle and they know that I’m near,
Evil grin in my face and I’m raising up the spear.

(repeat chorus 2x)

Verse 2
Spit shit till my soul’s depleted,
Feel my pain on the track dog my soul is bleeding.
If I’m fiending for a fix, then music is what I’m needing
I’ll learn to die in the flames, but never be defeated.
Thoughts cuming in mass numbers just like semen,
I’m hot like I stepped out of hell, they thought I was a demon.
I know the game hurts, but when I come in,
No more crying, no more screaming.
I aint famous yet, but in my mind I get that red-carpet treatment.
And when a nigga blow I leave the naysayers speechless;
Young Tone sitting on the peak of that mountain
Cause an avalanche and let the shit flow like a fountain.
And, if they was floating above water, now they drowning.
Betta call the coastguard, tell em sound the sirens.
I’m unknown, and you don’t know the position that I’m in,
To this rap I be affiliated – often imitated, but never duplicated.
It’s Tone baby! Say my name and make the hoes crazy
God crafted, struggle made me, conflict raised me, now only god can save me.
Will I reach heaven? I hope so, but the answer’s maybe.
Trust only a few cuz too many niggas shady.
If all the black folks dying, who gonna teach the babies?
We gotta do a little more than pray faithfully.
I’m trying to do my part,
But at the same time I’m trying to kick in the door and perfect this lost art,
I’m ready for the come-up got the skills and the heart
Said I’m ready for the come-up, got the skills and the heart (get em!)

(repeat chorus once)
Track Name: Eternally Yours
Eternally Yours

Verse 1
19 years old, trying to figure what the future hold 4 my body turn cold.
And so I roll, to the next chapter in my life,
Put the pen to the paper, but don’t know what to write…it’s like,
I could look at the sky, and sometimes it’s bright,
And other times I look up all I see is night.
I know I got skills, but sometimes the game mean to those who nice,
But in spite I continue to recite.
And I think, if I use all my might, then I just might…
Ready for the take off time to board the flight
My mind’s the plane so it take me anywhere I like, yea…
And I’m coasting, brain surfing getting deeper than the ocean,
Wondering, when will my dreams be put in motion, or is my fate to be unknown?
Who knows, figure if I follow my heart I can’t go wrong,
What more can I say, different day same song…

(repeat 2x)
Till there’s no pieces left of me
And the earth take the rest of me,
They’ll never get the best of me.
Cuz they can never see me clear,
Tone was here, pour out a little beer. (yea, yea, yea)

Verse 2
I’m just trying to leave my mark on the world,
As it spins like a tilt a-whirl.
Let the truth unfurl; aint no stopping me,
If it’s prophecy, but it’s more like destiny.
They say it was written,
But if I disagree with the words wrote, then that’s where we conflicting
And further, can I change what’s written? Simply by spitting?
Simply by praying? Simply by saying?
This aint for me but it’s kinda odd,
Cuz it’s like who am I to argue with God?
Good question, as I’m questing, but where’s the resolve?
One problem solved, and it all just revolve,
Right back in a circle, I’m playing, but with all the confusion,
I still feel like I’m losing, we got a problem Houston –
Mayday, who gone save me,
Trapped on earth and I think I’m going crazy…

(repeat chorus 2x)

Verse 3
I smoke a blunt and exhale,
Despite the situation I’m thinking pre-vail, eternally…
Until I bond with dirt,
I’m still trying to use the gift to lift the curse.
Until I’m in the backseat of that black Hearst,
You can put me in a world of hurt and let the earth do its worst.
I like to be exact and measure,
And I’m only hoping that the pain don’t outweigh the pleasure.
1, 2, 3, 4, when the beat stops my heart will beat no more,
So with that said quite simply,
Let the beat play on just like a symphony.