The Anomaly

by 2 Dash Tone & Audio Games

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Anomaly: any occurrence or inconsistency that is a unique or peculiar deviation from an established pattern.

The Anomaly is a musical snapshot of 2 Dash Tone, as he recounts the ongoing process of becoming the man he intends to be. It is the diary of an aspiring rapper over the smooth and soulful beats of Audio Games. Complete with mindful lyrics to satisfy the truest of hip-hop heads, and enough flow for the likes of any mainstream connoisseur, The Anomaly is a unique blend of poetry and rhythm which can only be experienced through listening…so stay tuned!


released March 8, 2011

7. *Special shout-out to the hip-hop blog EAR DROP, who also included a glowing review of the album along with their post. Thank You :-)
9. (Italian Hip-Hop Blog)
11. *Shout-out to Brian Zarley for providing an in-depth review of the album!
12. *Featured in my colleges newspaper. Shout-out to Carly Salzberg for the wonderful write-up. Thank You.
13. *S/o to Brian Zarley for reviewing the show @ 7 Central.
14. (trailer) - *The song "Art" was featured in the independent film "Move" by Joe Lopez III, which documents Parkour Freerunning.
16. (German Hip-Hop Blog)

All Lyrics Written & Performed by 2 Dash Tone
Lyrics © 2 Dash Tone, 2011

All Songs Produced by Audio Games

Mixed & Engineered by DJ Wu

Art Concept & Design by Nick "Dirty" Sacheli

Singer - Justin aka Mr. Falsetto

Bandcamp Banner by Janele Bryan


all rights reserved



Parisian Tone New York, New York

Paris | New York

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Track Name: When I Was Gone
When I Was Gone

Verse 1
I know we had to say so long, but,
Did I leave your mind when I was gone?
I…apologize if I was wrong,
I’m just trying to be strong,
New adventure new song…but I found,
That I been the same all along,
So with that comes perspective,
Now I’m reflecting on my perception,
Since my inception into this art form, my souls transformed;
And I’ve been reborn…
Might be hard to comprehend, but when my thoughts is in the wind I can make the world bend!
And when I brainstorm, then prepare to feel the whirlwind,
And what I found was a new kind of sound.
So watch how I turn styles; cuz it was underground like a subway,
And that’s where I lay – bright enough that I don’t need to see the day,
So if you ask may (me), this is what I say.

Verse 2
Now this might be a bad time, but tell me…
Did I leave your mind? I was only gone from the scene for a minute,
And truth be told, you knew I’d be back in it.
Like relief-hitters coming hard in the 9th inning,
You don’t have to worry, plus you know I don’t like to hurry.
I just had to calm down, thoughts in a flurry,
Lost sight for a minute, vision got blurry.
But I done came up, got a new blackberry,
And if we talking fruits, I popped a couple cherry’s…plus I tasted a few Halle Berry’s,
And I stayed away from the rotten apples, which is hard;
Cuz in the big apple, they all wanna give you hassle.
Graduated the game, you can check my tassel.
So I don’t need no extra hassle,
Now, now, now, now let me ask you…

Verse 3
I say my journey was a little bit scary,
But at the same time, so necessary.
I get so much love, dog it’s scary.
So I give it all back like February – nahmean?
Like everyday 2/14, spread the love,
And when my album drop, you can spread the drug.
Come on really though, you know I need a plug,
I’m trying to move fast, the opposite of slugs.
So don’t throw salt in my game,
I maintain, long as these lyrics are in my brain.
I spit flames, purple dragon flow, you can call me Spyro.
You wanna gamble? Well lets see the dice roll,
I got 5 and 7 that’s a winner,
So you know it’s gonna be a cold winter.
Sorry to leave again, but…I’ll be gone to December.
Track Name: Take Flight
Take Flight

Verse 1
I got an affinity, for the divinity,
That got my flow holy like a trinity,
That’s why they try to mimic me.
Which explains, why we can’t maintain,
We using the same language, but it’s not the same.
I mix my shit up, with a southern-twang,
With a northern caliber, let’s do the thing.
Like Excalibur, our swords are not the same,
But I gain critics, and also critical acclaim.
These niggas critically lame,
So before you speak my name please refrain.
I’m high velocity, move to a slower lane,
My ferocity got the competition tamed;
So stand still, stand back, or stand down,
Just don’t try to stand-up and throw no hands up,
Cuz I’ll get in yo face and make you clam up.
Watch that mouth shut! – now all I hear is hush,
The view from the top is so plush,
Man I love the rush.

It’s back and forth and side to side,
Wit another chronicle, I proceed to glide.
Aint no reason why, that I’m past the sky,
I’m just so angelic I’m about to fly (Heeeeey)
So let me take flight, let me take flight, let me take flight,
We gone, we can take off tonight,
Just, just, just let me take flight.

Verse 2
Catch me if you can, I’m gone out the atmosphere.
2-Tone disappeared, is no long-er here.
See them snakes in the grass cuz my vision’s clear,
New style, new year, hear the boys and girls cheer.
Old fears in the rear like the trunk, so I steer.
Now I got em staring at me like I’m bout to hit a deer,
But I aint bout to his shit but this swish, no miss,
So crisp how I flow that (yes sir),
You see a flash of my genius, call it Kodak and so I’m known,
Girls say I’m full of myself and so we bone…
Fucking hypocrite, cuz now you full of Tone,
I’m fully aware, and fully prepared.
Seem like everything I do gets a-milli-yon stares,
So my styles got variety, a-milli-yon pairs.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Let’s es-cape, to a different landscape,
My mind’s the pilot, we aint gotta wait.
I could stand still, and I’m still a mile away.
A hundred thousand miles away from what you gotta say;
You was talking that bullshit anyway,
So please, get up out my face.
Cuz the way I move, it aint no time to waste,
So I’m gone – just as quick as I appear I vanish.
The people that love me they can’t stand it,
But, I think the absence is just so romantic,
Besides, absence makes the heart grow…ya know?
So with that said, signed and sealed I gotta go.

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Anthem feat. Justin aka Mr. Falsetto

Verse 1
Never have been with the brag or boasting,
More with the roasting, more with the toasting.
Fire, I spit that, haters get back!
Check my syntax, sharper than a thumbtack,
I carry a tune like a student wit a knapsack,
So make room, before I go boom! Ya smell me?
And I aint talking perfume; they cartoons, akin to characters.
Stupid like they married they next of kin,
They flow dry like gin – again, and again…
Put me on a beat, a Tsunami on the track I flo fluid,
Flo stupid, hotter than humid.
It’s room for change, but no room for improvement;
Tha best to do it, mane I dun done it,
I’m Bolt on the track I run it, youngin!
Time to get back to stunting…that right.

2-Tone and Audio Games,
And we ain’t playing no games right now!
So you know that means, you gotta turn it up,
Got one light it up, get ya flame up, cuz we bout to burn it up.

A lot of people tried to hate, but they could never keep us down!
So you know that means we go stronger,
And we go longer, check my armor, you cannot harm us.

Verse 2
I got that feeling like I can’t do it,
Like it’s no movement, like the whole thang useless.
People acting stupid, and friends acting phony,
Plus they dick riding, and acting like they know me.
Cuz they heard the boy flo sharp like Shinobi,
Hand full of rings like my first name Kobe;
But what are you on?? Leave me alone!!
Cuz the fake shit, I do not condone.
You smell what I’m saying? I aint talking bout cologne.
I’m getting pissed off, and I’m trying to post-pone.
You all in my face, find another space!
Making eye contact, I don’t want to see you!
I don’t want to know you, I don’t want to meet you,
I am a monster, I might eat you.
Save your carcass and re-heat you,
I will not treat you, I will just defeat you.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
You cannot harm us, better yet try and swarm us,
Better yet try and storm us, don’t sleep, no pajamas.
To rap wit me’s an honor, I’m just being honest,
Competition is fruit like strawberry’s,
They’ll get bust like cherry’s, hymen,
Mind state I’m in? Vibrant, shining…everything timing,
I drop songs but I never drop a dime man…but I can still drop a gem.
Catch a fast-hook for trying to pull a fast one,
I’m an a-sas-son (assassin), killin these tracks with a passion.
I’m quick to blast em’, raps the occupation,
That’s why I got more cuts than self-mutilation.
Wrap your head around the fact that I could rap a dissertation,
When I’m gone, they’ll have to translate it.
But I aint going nowhere, no time soon,
So don’t sit there with your hands waiting,
Get your feet moving, body grooving.
My voice is soothing, simply for your pleasure and amusement,
Soon to be the greatest and don’t forget producer,
I came to grips with the past, so now my hands around the future.

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: That Soul
That Soul

Verse 1
I got that soul, burning like calisthenics,
You can feel it just like kinetics.
It’s so poetic, it’s so magnetic,
You could feel the attraction right before I said it.
Cuz my soul live on, even when I’m deaded;
You say that I’m hot, I give my soul all the credit.
So I cook these tracks like soulfood,
That’s why it’s soulful, that’s why you so full;
That’s why it’s so good, that’s why I’m so me,
That’s why I’m so 3…times, better, than when you last seen me.
Came to appear fast on that ass just like a genie.
Feel me? See me? Hear me?
And then I’m gone, somewhere across the globe,
But for you I leave a bit of my soul, now let’s’ go…

Round the map and across the globe,
Everywhere that I go, leave a bit of my soul.
Put your hands up high like you can touch the sky,
Go from side to side, like you waiving bye.
And if you feel the vibes, say yea one time,
Cuz I can feel the vibes, so enjoy the ride.

Verse 2
I’m talking bout that feeling, like young at Christmas time,
Same way I feel when I’m talking bout some shine;
Feel like sunshine, feel so sublime,
Make lemonade out of life, it’s no lime.
Feel the energy surge, like show time.
Lights, camera, action gotta go for mine.
You gotta go for yours, so lets go for more,
And feel that feeling like you got your whole crew in the door;
Don’t know what did it for you, but that dun it for me
Said what I wanted to be, for the world to see.
So the world could know, before I go,
You want a little bit of soul, then feel my flo.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
It’s the victory lap,
As I recap I aint think I could ever do that.
And as time goes on, I could can never look back,
You trying to add to your plate then you can’t subtract.
But sometimes I’m off track, yea I de-rail,
Focus on details, trying to pre-vail.
And like Microsoft, maybe I will excel,
But fall forward, not fall back if I fail.
And when it’s all said and done we can show and tell.
I’ll show my battle scars, and you can tell.
Purple Heart like I dodged bombs, traps and shells.
Pretty smart, cuz at the start, I had heart.
And when I’m gone let my soul illuminate the dark.

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Anomaly

Verse 1
I found The Remedy, but yet the remedy found me,
Helping me see a brighter shade so that I could upgrade.
And honestly, that turned me into an anomaly.
So I could set my sights high, just like astronomy.
It aint hard, I just read the signs like astrology,
Make my mind move, kinda like a prodigy.
Honestly, who as hot as me?
Intricate as physiology I scheme diabolically;
Same thing that make grow, hold me back ironically.
I got a condition, spittin’ ill flo’s chronically,
Million-dollar man like I was engineered bionicly.
I’m mixed like gin and tonic be;
Mixed emotions, mixed feelings, can’t conceal em,
I’m just playing the hand you can blame the dealer,
Trying to figure out what’s realer…
Looking for a shot of success, but I’ll settle for Tequila.

But it ain’t no stopping me.
Why? Cuz I’m The Anomaly,
Complicated like trigonometry,
Took a while but, now I can finally see.
I wipe the dust off, I get it off my shoulders,
Yea I got hot, but I’m still colder.
What his name? 2, 2 Dash Tone
The Anomaly, now we can get it on.

Verse 2
The Anomaly, is what I choose for the definition,
Not for recognition, but for my position;
Where I can move off my own intuition.
Think a little different, and pay attention like you pay tuition.
Ion really know what I’m missing,
But I need my mind to move right;
Trying to find myself like a constellation, on a starry night.
I say the future’s bright, but it’s looking grim.
And the chance of success is looking slim.
This music is conducive to my improvement,
So I work like a scientist for the solution.
But I aint got the answers, I got all the problems
Spinning in my head, just like a revolver.
Thoughts full of lead, heard what I said,
Man it’s lights out, I put em all to bed.
Same story so here we go…turn me up.

Verse 3
Feel the pain surge through your veins,
The gain in life is to maintain, but I don’t want the status quo.
Yea I want some more, dreams as vivid as HD and plasma,
And that dictates what I chase after, so I’m running so much faster.
Different day, same theme, through another chapter;
I’m right here searching, for the hereafter.
But why am I scared stiff? Can’t feel,
Like my life’s on a stand-still, it’s unreal.
I’m looking for a dream to cherish,
Hoping that it prosper, and don’t perish.
But what if I don’t follow it?
I say that I’m legit, still feel like I wanna call it quits,
I’m sick of all of it, it’s now irrelevant
Cuz I ain’t got no answers,
I got all the problems,
Spinning in my head, mane somebody solve em.
Track Name: Art

Verse 1
They think they know me, think they know me, think they know me…
But the fact of the matter, it don’t matter;
I’m just, trying to add to my platter…
Put my guts on the beat, let my heart splatter;
Like paint on a canvas.
I may be a king, like Elvis…
Last name not Presely, trying to impress me, let’s kick it like Jet Li…
Yea, take some time off, I need to recuperate, let’s gon and celebrate.
Ugh, let’s gon and cut the cake, oops I mean cut the cheese, oops I mean cut the check.
We sit seaside by the seashore, aint nothing going on but my beach chores.
Ha…nothing going on but my beach chores...sittin…just cooling...
That right…and ugh, the day’s masquerading,
As it turns to night now the moon’s cascading.
Damn, I could bathe in the moonlight…
Looking up, no stars shine this bright.
Ha, no stars shine this bright…that right.
Just…look up in the sky, and you see I’m getting by.
Ugh, I just want to take a moment,
Before we get back to being on it.
Shout out to the team: Eazy, DJ Wu, Audio Games…on the 1’s and 2’s.
Now um…before I get back to reality,
Back to my abnormality, I make you feel me cavity.
Ha ha, I make you feel me like a cavity.
And what’s it all for??? Cuz I’m never happy, till I get more.
If I shoot then I can’t miss, we can take a quick trip;
…And leave, the bull shhhhh – I leave it all behind,
Don’t really need it, it’s too much on my mind.
I got a lot of stuff that I don’t say…
But that’s a bad way…cuz it don’t go away,
It makes me go astray; it make me go, a lil crazy…
So I just gotta clean it like sanitation, just to get some sanity;
It’s testing the man in me, and who am I trying to be?
I’m really just trying to see, but the image is foggy;
And I’m just waking up…damn, a nigga feels so groggy.
But I open my eyes, and I watch it materialize.
Who is I?...You know the name…
Track Name: Lola

Verse 1
I always get what I want, and I want you.
The things you heard about me, it’s prolly so true.
I’m so uncouth, in or out the booth,
But I can’t tell a lie, so you know I’m telling truth.
The way I’m spittin’ yo, call it dragon flo,
5000 degrees, I’ll burn your studio.
I could direct you to my bedroom like a movie role,
30-minutes later now we kissing like a mistletoe.
Put you on the table, now I guess I’m on my kitchen flo,
And by the time we finish, we’ll be on the kitchen flo.
I’ll help you remember some tricks that you used to know,
That’s what it’s made fo, I’ll show you where it’s sposed to go.
No subliminals, smoothe criminal,
And she salute me, like I’m the general.
I swear I last long, I’m not ephemeral,
Show you my family jewels, now see my emeralds.

(repeat 2x)
She want what Tone got, so I must deliver.
Put that thing on her, make her body shiver.
Ooooh, she feeling my flo,
So girl, come wit me to my studio.

Verse 2
Come to my studio, we make a mixtape.
We can make some hits, I swear it’s all legit.
Girl I like your voice, you got a nice sound
Plus I like your shape, you got a nice round…
Oops what I say? I’m moving too fast,
But I’m just thinking bout ya, moving that…
Oh there I go, my mind is gone again
I was distracted by you and your sexy friend.
What a minute yall, look like the wonder twins.
Have you seen each other naked? I was wondering.
That’s my bad, I did it again,
But you must be down? Cuz you brought your friend.
Go head and lay ya verse, and I can come behind ya,
And we can lay it down, and I can cum behind ya…
Oh what we talking bout? Do I have to remind ya?
I’m just playing girl, I’m being facetious.
You make the bed, I’ll make you a believer
And I can make you shake, like you having a seizure.
It was so good, she don’t know what happened;
I call it amnesia, 2-Tone the pleaser…

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
And now it’s getting late,
You don’t wanna drive home.
And we’ve been working – look at all these songs.
But all along, I wanted to get it on.
I was laying a verse, but thinking bout ya thong,
And taking it off, and breaking you off,
And breaking the law, and beating your walls.
I can do it hard, but I can slow it down,
I’m picking you up, so I can take it down.
The microphones on, it catch all kinda sounds,
I like to record, and you know that now.
I don’t know how, how it got to this,
But the touch of your lips is pure bliss.
Wit this, I can make a hit off of one kiss,
Ask me to hit and I bet that I don’t miss.
Forget where you at you’ll get lost in the moments,
Lost in the music, my rhythm got you grooving.
Plus you feeling my raps, my voice is soothing,
Gifted amateur, little room for improvement;
She feeling my style, she feeling my flo,
You already know, come to my studio.

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: No One Can Stop Me
No One Can Stop Me

Verse 1
Now if I say nothing can stop me, do I have to back it up?
Hold up, cuz I done had enough,
But, as they say it’s never enough,
So if it’s going slow then it’s time to speed up.
And if the team hungry, it’s time to eat up,
Time for the feed, time for the greed.
I do it for the need, it’s necessary.
Gotta put the squad on when you a visionary;
Ray Charles sometimes cuz my vision scary,
Gotta focus, drop the bi-focles.
Dreaming of the world, but right now I’m local,
Dreaming of some girls, but right now I’m token,
Oops I mean taken, so it’s no dating.
The world’s sposed to know me? Well we both waiting,
So I make love to the track like we matin’
Trying to fuck the game but first I gotta seduce it.

No one can stop me (3x)
Cuz I’m invincible.
Class in session, I will school you,
So take a seat…cuz, I’m the principal.
People too late, and they trying to hate,
But no one can stop me, no one can stop me.
You’re trying to hard, but I’ll pull your card,
Cuz no one can stop me, no one can stop me.

Verse 2
But if I get fame, don’t want to be ruthless,
I wanna be me, on my own terms.
Life’s a lot to learn, it’s got plenty turns
And I’m just going through the process like a perm.
Is it my turn? If not then I gotta back-skip,
Hoping, that these scribbles’ll be my next hit.
Gymnastic flo, that’ll make me backflip,
I’m on point like a point guard, with the dribble.
I aint gotta try, spit like a baby…man I just dribble.
But nah, I don’t need no bib,
I’m bout to be 23, far from a kid.
This is me at my best, it’s downhill from here.
I wallow in my fears, swallowing my tears.
Trying so hard, to hold onto the years,
Like an alcoholic holding on to his beers.
But soon as I grab it one disappears,
The next one comes, shining like the sun
Shout-out to my pops he made a hell of a son,
Coming out the barrel, I’m a hell of a gun.
They say sky’s the limit, ima aim for the sun,
And ima get far, I see you on mars.
And I aint talking A-List when I say see stars.
So put me in the heavens, my flo sent from Heaven.

(repeat chorus).
Track Name: Get Ready
Get Ready

Verse 1
What’s up Ms. Prada? Cool as a coolata.
Looking good enough to eat like an enchilada,
I just wanna holla. Wuts up? Nada,
I just had to mention, you got my attention.
Plus I like ya math, you got the right dimensions.
You and me equals…finish the sentence.
I could serve you up like a backhand tennis,
Then get you a bracelet that’s also tennis.
You never seen a me before don’t be a cynic.
Them other guys cliché with the same rhythm.
Say what are you sportin’? I like your denim,
They look good now, but better wit me in em’.
I really like ya vibes, I really like your rhythm,
It’s kinda hard to explain, what I’m feeling…
Plus I like ya thighs, in them heels you kill em.
Ya clothes just tangerines girl so peel em’.

Verse 2
She looks so gooood, she’s show stopping!
Hair done? Check, lip-gloss popping.
She my best option, homegirl flawless,
But I can’t lie, I like her better braless.
She moves elegant, her scents heaven-sent.
I think I’m love sick, quick gimme medicine.
She work like Excedrin, better yet faster,
Cuz soon as I taste her, I feel better after.
Put us in the bedroom, natural disaster,
We can role play, we’ll write our own chapter.
I let her cum first, and then I cum after,
And after we cum, then we go faster.
Let me pull you close, I wanna hear your secrets,
You can say it girl, I promise I’ll keep it.
I love the way ya lips move, let me hear you whisper.
You a good misses, and I can be ya Mr.

Verse 3
I gotta get ready, it’s been a long time,
I wanna see your face, it’ll be like old times.
Can we rewind? Or better yet pause?
To when ya heels was on, and you took off your draws.
I never seen a body like yours, not lying;
You look like a Goddess, I’m just being honest.
Be my Cleopatra, or my Nefertiti,
We don’t need a love mix, we’ll make our own cd.
Baby you see me? Well I wanna see you,
Lets lose distractions, I want to get a clear view.
You talk about ya past, but that’s your rearview,
And I’m here to tell everything that we will do.
Anything I said it, best believe I meant it,
And when I see the future, I see you in it.
It’s no gimmicks, it’s the real deal,
And in the bedroom, 12 rounds, Holyfield.
Holla at me girl…
Track Name: Lost

Verse 1
I move forward, then I move back.
Relapse, I’m…past that.
Re-cap and…re-capture,
I’m lost, in the rapture.
My motion, hard to capture;
Perfection and a disaster,
Heart beating faster, chasing what’s real
Give me something I can feel…
My world’s an iceberg, cold like steel.
That’s why I’m walking round, wit an ice-grill.
Wish I could defrost, things are unreal
Feeling so lost – Just trying to focus
It’s another cost – Just trying to focus
But it’s another cost…
I’m feeling so lost, I’m feeling so,
I’m feeling so lost, I’m feeling so…

Verse 2
No friends, it’s just my solitude.
So that will explain, the slight attitude.
My brain moves fast, fuck a interlude.
All the love I gave, it could fill a room.
But you aint return it, that’s so fucking rude.
For this life lesson, I got gratitude.
Thought I graduated, guess I’m still in school.
Still earning, still focused, still learning,
Got passion like a romance, still burning.
Practice makes perfect, fuck a keepsake,
For Pete sake, I’m practicing to be great.
Call it my 3rd take, but it’s been many more,
I just press through the pain but I been sore.
Now I’m standing out just like a cold sore.
And I know what it’s cold for,
I’m on the outside looking in, too many closed doors.
Everybody else happy, I just feel crappy,
Nobody feels me, nobody feel my pain,
They just connect when I get on stage and entertain,
That’s when you can see the flames,
That’s when you can see the change.
Any other time I feel simple and plain;
And that’s what I can’t reconcile,
That’s what’s feeling so strange.
Track Name: Masterpiece

Verse 1
Alliteration is asinine,
Got my mind moving like a slide wit astro-glide;
Watch the astro’s glide…as I go past the sky,
I’m just trying to get wings,
Lets see what that bring…
Lift me up like a pick-me-up, then I’m gone.
Ask me what I’m on – nah it ain’t no beers and it ain’t no weed,
A pen and a pad is all I need, to set me free.
Penny for my thoughts, I’ll pay you to let me be,
Cuz sometimes, I need my own space to breathe.
Cuz this think called life be suffocating me,
Unfortunately, there’s a kink in the armor of every battle troop
When you gotta re-group and trouble-shoot
Hoping that your troubles don’t shoot,
Like cupid with a arrow, trying to pierce through bone marrow.
I’m just trying to smarten up, call me the scarecrow,
But I aint looking for a wizard,
I’m looking for a way out the blizzard.
And trying not to shiver, I will be delivered,
But right now I’m going through the process,
This is my catharsis – pain before pleasure so I’m gonna be nauseous,
But I’m afraid of the pain, cuz I ain’t even start yet,
Afraid of my wins and afraid of my losses,
Still gotta play like I aint take a loss yet… (GO)

Verse 2
Then I let that go…
Gotta breathe and exhale, stop and smell the roses,
Hear the birds chirping like a Nextel,
Hoping what you gotta say is felt by your clientele;
Frozen by fear, I know what that entails.
Too scared to move, I’m afraid of the lose or the loss…
Whatever – trying to be the captain of my own ship, but it’s bad weather,
Circumstances tough like leather;
Life’s about moving, I dance for the pleasure,
Tango with my problems to get it together,
Salsa with my sadness to balance out the measure, will I find treasure?
Man that’s asinine, cuz the only treasure I need is on the inside,
Damn, still trying to get mine,
Then I’ll feel fine, but I’m still searching.
Got an itch, but I just scratched the surface.
Is it all worth it? Ima be perfect.
Feeling insignificant, what’s the real sense of it?
So inadequate, feel a little broken
An Anomaly, you can call me a token.
But will I ever quit? You must be joking
Thinking that I will, what the hell are you smoking?!?
I’m getting too much better, and way too potent.
I create a masterpiece just by words spoken.