Music Is My Mistress

by 2 Dash Tone & Mr O.Kay

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When I say music is my mistress I personify her. So if she were real she'd be elegant, sleek, & mysterious. She would have the sexiest walk, and would be so good-looking that I could admire her beauty for hours.

Secretly she's the woman that I love more than any other. She has my heart, is my private dancer, my fantasy, my muse, my music, and also my mistress.



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Parisian Tone New York, New York

Paris | New York

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Track Name: Cool Off
Cool Off

Easy to forget, but hard to remember...
The opposite of that, yes, I would beg to differ.
Leave you with many questions, like an enigma,
A lot love to hate me, but why all the stigma...?
Pull me this way and that way, I pull the trigger.
And let my thoughts release...and let my thoughts explode;
Before I implode, and then I reload...
Always leaving one in the chamber, for when I feel this anger, nobody really knows me...the ghost of a stranger.
They just know the image, for which I’ve depicted,
They parts in my movie, the whole thing is scripted.
Cuz I would get hurt, if it was any different...
My world’s at a the solar system.
Ion want much, just to see the stars glisten; I’m looking for divinity it’s hard to pay attention.
My problems got me tripping, I need some time mind’s on intermission, Go.
Track Name: Magic Rap
Magic Rap

Verse 1
I do this like I’m eternal, they sleeping on me like they nocturnal...when it’s day-time. When it comes to rapping it’s no play-time, These bars’ll get me far, I don’t need to be a star. I just need to reach you, and leave the scene in awe, And if you got a glass-jaw, well it’s time to break it down! That’s how I get down, ever since I was around,
And I know that I was lost, but that flow been found. Don’t drown, cuz facedown’s how you get found, Everything I say is so profound – I’m trying to move, to pro-lific, That means that my flo’s more esoteric, like hieroglyphic’s. More gifted, more shit that I’m kicking, you can bite the rhyme but could never bite the rhythm. What’s the meaning of life? You can’t solve the riddle.

On a small scale, but we do it though, And we do it big, yea we do it though, We talk a lot of shit, but we do it tho, Nigga yeen know? Yea we do it though, You can search but, could never find the flow, Don’t need a metaphor, cuz we do it yo. Crunch time anytime I hit the studio... My team do it big, that’s what we do it for.

Verse 2
I’m pro-fessing, that I’m proficient,
Yea we do it different, you just gotta listen.
To the competition, I’m indifferent,
I got no feelings, cuz I’m not feeling them...
They sweeter than cinnamon, a poodle in the cage with the lion, who you think gon win...?
No lying! Another notch under the belt like O-rion, The worshipping the flo, you would think I’m so Zion.
I got a players intuition, she like me not to mention, she got my soldier standing at attention.
I get my rocks off, then knock your socks off, I could eat you baby girl just pass me the hot sauce...
And 1, she feeling the style, and-done – I do it so good she singing the anthem.
The young up-and-coming, upper-cutting, all the competition like a street-fighter aaah- yuukit!
Watch what you get, don’t get stupid. Where the love at, I think they kidnapped cupid! Haha, no kidding, The game’s so cold that I should of worn mittens, And if you bite me then you get frost-bitten. One.

(Repeat Hook)
Track Name: Hold Me Tight
Hold Me Tight

Verse 1
I tell you some promise that you keep it. I give you a surprise...but baby no peeking. Don’t tell me no lies, just look in my eyes. Now tell me what you see girl, tell me what you see. Between you & me, I see you and me, And wherever you at, that’s where I’m gon be, gon be, ugh. I need rehab, cuz baby you a drug... And right now, I’m addicted to us. I feel like I’m dying when you leave me, But I come to life when you tell me that you need me. Fly over when you need me, I catch you by the landing, Lying in bed, forget about standing.
Doing all the things that lovers do, Is the love really true? Don’t matter. Cuz I’m about to hit, and I’m the next batter. We take a bubble bath, and let the soap lather. Now let my hands wander, they going down under, A quiet storm, I’m lightening you thunder, Now hear it go boom in the room, I said, hear it go boom in the room. The time is now pretty girl, I like your smile, your style is wild... So incredible – and I just want a taste baby girl are you edible...?

Verse 2
I tell you some promise that you keep it. I give you a surprise...but baby no peeking. Don’t tell me no lies, just look in my eyes. Now tell me what you see girl, tell me what you see. The timing is right, it aint never been better. Cats don’t like water, but it’s never been wetter. Girl I’m reconnecting, I forgot the feeling, Like I’m back in high school, feeling so cool. And all I can think about you. So true, so true...and all I wanna do, is be next to you. Your essence, got me engulfed, And your eyes are so captivating... You want me to, stop masquerading... A picture of perfection, I could stare forever, And if looks could kill you the deadliest weapon. A true femme fatale, I think I’m falling...
Don’t lies, just look in my eyes... Now tell me what you see girl, tell me what you see. Between you & me, I see you and me, And wherever you at, that’s where I’m gon be, gon be ugh.
Track Name: It's So Real
It’s So Real

Verse 1
Feels so real, like your first love... Like your first kiss, from your first girl... Mane the first time, it’s another world... So just send me back, I need to re-attach. I forgot the feeling, it’s so brilliant. Everything timing, man it’s so vibrant. I reconnect anytime that I’m rhyming... Make the beat bleed, kinda like a hymen. These other rappers choking, I think they need the hiemlich, Watch how I maneuver, see what I do ya. I’m an intruder, underground like the sewers. Put me on the track, and I’m a sharp-shooter; Competition don’t measure up, put away your rulers. And remember, there’s only one ruler: incapable of self-defeat, I must repeat, Play the game till it’s obsolete, so unique, My new style’s so new I can’t even get a sneak-peek. Living in today, but I’m thinking next week... Which explains why I’m ahead of my time when I speak; No leaks please know that, I just capture the moments... My past was shaky, but the present I own it.
Fiending for a fix, I’m jonesin’, Trying to get a piece of me, the picture’s almost complete...and I’m just trying to see.
And I ascertain that my assets’ll be sustained...long as I’m pushing through the pain (real talk),
Long as the ink is my veins (yea), I continue to remain (that right).

And I ascertain, that my assets’ll be sustained...long as I’m pushing through the pain.
Shout-out to my people, shout-out to my home – the only real thing, that I’ve ever known.
I’ve come so far, now I’m so grown, and I can’t wait just to get it on.
A place of my own, puts me in my zone...
Thinking like a king, puts me on the throne.
Shout-out to my people, shout-out to my home – the only real thing, that I’ve ever known.
I’ve come so far, now I’m so grown, and I can’t wait just to get it on.

Verse 2
I came in this game with a plan of getting rich, Me and O.Kay on the beat, we getting it. Coming up quick in this shit, intelligent. Haters trying to sink our battle-ship...aint that a bitch. Trying to taste, a bit of commercial success, And see a commercial size check...I’m too cool. Them other dudes so Erkel, try me, I put your lights out like curfew...bly-me. Flo so sick, need IV...poison. Yea I spit that, aimed straight to the cardiac. That’s a shot to the heart...I’m gunning for it. Life’s a paper-chase...well I’m running for it.
Lotta people fake, but I just ignore it. Then you come up and, they think that you important.
All the grinding tho, you wasn’t there for it, So your bullshit, I’m not down for it. Don’t see me no more, just see the door... You no mi-amor, you not mi-amigo...we different species, we are not people. Just give me a sign or a symbol; a piece of the puzzle, so I can reassemble, Getting past the scars in my life like Symba,
I think I’m falling, but can’t yell timber, What got me stressed out? Too much to remember; Can’t keep up with...I can’t function, Niggas wanna beef, but I don’t want a luncheon. It’s grind-time, so the clock we punching, Business is a must...and not to be funked with.

(repeat hook)
Track Name: Reflection

Verse 1
Reflecting on imperfections leave me insecure... Still you won’t find, a heart quite as pure. Are you really sure? I don’t analyze it...feelings never lie, so it aint no hiding. And I’m getting bye, so bye to everybody, I need my own space, to let my thoughts race... Sweeter than Tequila; I’m just coming up like the sun-rise...don’t sleep on me, No bed-time, and I got bars...just like fed time...who as fine as me? I’m a one-man dynasty, and the flo roy-ale like your highness be. I could make you close your eyes like a sinus sneeze,
So you can see what...I already see. That’s why I’m already ready. In my mind, the party done started, ticker-tape & confetti. I got my own parade, and my own brigade...more explosive, then a renegade... Wit 10 grenades, that mean I’m fin to blow. Shit yeen know? Go & ask your ho. My life’s moving slow, but actually it’s fast; Cuz I’m in the future and forgot about the past. And everybody’s wearing masks, trying to conceal their true task. So I ask, what do you really want...? I just want the funk, like a Philly-blunt, But I don’t need a blunt, the young boy’s gifted, like a hitchhiker, I’m already lifted. So pay attention, to my it’s time for intermission.

Verse 2
Reflecting on imperfections leave me insecure...
Still you won’t find, a heart quite as pure.
Are you really sure? I don’t analyze it...feelings never lie, so it aint no hiding.
I’m just thinking bout the future, and everything it brings,
Like if you got the love, then you gotta have the pain.
But I hate the pain, but love what that it hurt my heart, can’t things stay the same?
It’s too much change, and shit is getting real. And I’m trying to do I really feel?
So I just to the mic. And then start to spit, and say what I like. Mane is it profound? I really don’t know. And will I be around? I really hope so. I can’t let go, and so I’m holding on.
But I found me, I was the same all along. I used to be shy, now I want to get it on.
Mane I feel so young, but my soul feel old. It’s really kinda like, I been hear before. And so I gotta ask: what do you really want? I just want the funk, like a Philly-blunt; that young-boy gifted. Like a hitchhiker, I’m already lifted.
So pay my thoughts, and don’t miss it... Don’t miss it...cuz it’s time for intermission.
Track Name: Aventure à Paris
Aventure à Paris

Verse 1
Come up in that bitch straight sideways...Usher flo.
Cuz I want it my way, it’s fin to go. I’m new on the scene, just touched down on foreign soil,
So take me to the place, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty... It’s an adventure in Paris, and I’m just trying to cherish;
Every single moment that my mind can capture, don’t get caught in my web that I’m spinning...I’m unforgettable, I’ll leave yo head spinning.
Cuz you can’t have the anedote without the pick your poison, Or pick your position...I can move you, with intuition. Call em how I see em, we can breathe in intermission. Our bodies entangled in a dance, that’s what lovers do.
And if I look at you I’m in a trance...incredible. I’m on my french shit: Qu’est-ce que, tu fais ce soir...? She got nails that’s french-tip, we french kiss...that’s how we start our friendship. Everything is looking bright, in the city of lights, C’est la vie, c’est la vie, it’s

Vien avec-moi, dans cet ville de lumiere, Toi, toi, et toi la-bas, venez avec moi. Viens avec-moi dans cet ville romantique...Paris, Paris. Toi, toi, et toi la-bas, venez avec moi.

Verse 2
I don’t wanna be bragadocious, just connect me to the feeling;
Elegant flo like chandeliers from the ceiling...appealing, everything’s brilliant,
A million...dollars how I’m feeling, hot but still Corona’s on ice...I’m chilling.
Opposite how she feeling, checking for my intentions;
Looking in my eyes like I’m gon drop a hint but, no hiccups,
I’m ciroc in a tall cup...I’m too smooth.
I keep myself scarce, to keep the interest peeked.
Next week, play time in between the sheets.
You quiet but are you a freak...? And if so then let me in, and do them walls leak?
And we don’t have to speak, our bodies do the secrets.
Language of love, I’ll help you speak it, peep it: a french pedicure walking by the shore, is so demure...
We can have a ball, I’ll see you there in fall. When my body can travel, and my heart gets unraveled, French Riviera, just sand, no gravel. Everything is looking the City of Lights, it’s the life.

(repeat hook)
Track Name: On My Mind
On My Mind

Verse 1
Everything that’s on my mind, it must be something wrong, Cuz I’m thinking bout you naked, as I’m writing this song. All along wanna see ya thong, we can get it on, From the sunset, until the...butt crack of dawn. What is you on? Must be pheromones, cuz they talking to my hormones; You looking so elegant, don’t need no rhetoric, just take them clothes off... I’m bout to get a load-off, oh lawd. She know just what I like, she can suck no bi...ting. And that is so exciting, I’m skeeting as I’m writing, This rap to unwrap her from that dress that she’s wearing. You can take it off, but leave them heels’s classy. And I aint telling no one if you do something nasty; Ask me...tell me what you like: I’ll do it all night, that’s right, that’s right. Everything that’s on my mind, each and every single time, And I know that you stressed, let me help you unwind...

Verse 2
You so graceful, you looking like an angel...I’m Charlie. You hardly the one for me, but you bout to be the one right now, So let me take it down. As I go downtown, wrap your legs around my neck; And put me in check, and squeeze me to det (death), That champagne flo, cuz you get mo-wet. Oh shit, she dripping like the ocean, you love sick? Well baby I’m the potion, I’m potent, I’m on it. She fiending for a fix, she jonesin’
Mr. Fixer-upper’s fin to fix her up, so good that she’s crying later you gon have to fix your
But in the meantime it’s a pool, cuz I’m swimming in you. And loving every minute that I’m in it; I don found my rhythm, and you don found the realest. Call me 2 Dash Dizzy anytime I get bizzy,
Next time we get down, you can get up with me..