A Rapper, A Band, & A Genius: Covering The Roots "Dilla Joints"

by Parisian Tone

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"Playing with legends and demigods as an independent rapper, the fact that he avoided the very real threat of being swallowed alive all together would be enough to garner some critical acclaim and make A Rapper, A Band & A Genius: Covering The Roots’ Dilla Joints a success; that Tone actually rises above the heady ground he is treading upon and delivers his best bars yet pushes the release to new heights. This is not the same 2 Dash Tone of The Anomaly and playing basement parties for drugged out white kids in Western New York..." - Brian Zarley, BDZ Notes


released April 30, 2012

Recorded in 64 StudiOz [Paris, FR]
Mixed & Engineered by Slick 64

Graphics & Coverart by JW Design

Special Thanks 2 Audio Games for
arranging the ?uestlove Interludes


all rights reserved



Parisian Tone New York, New York

Paris | New York

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Track Name: I Think It's NV
I Think It’s NV

Verse 1
That shit so hot, that soon as it drop, gotta pick it up; Alotta niggas rapping, but who sick as us?
Alotta niggas talking, but who give a fuck?
I’m going hard & they giving up – fuck is up?
Never no more, but it’s never enough,
And we on the come up, so you better know us:
A bunch of rapping ass niggas not giving a fuck;
And we just moving up the middle like you cracking a dutch.
I’m trying to make my dreams, plus my reality touch,
Cuz I can do it, I can see it – I swear that I believe it. Time moves fast & I just change wit the seasons,
I do it for my heart & I never changed the reason.
Never been a traitor so it’s never been treason.
I think rap, so through this I’m breezing;
I switch flows, quicker than you sneezing,
Pour out a little bit of that liquor, for them G’s who not here...
But we gotta take it dog, cuz baby it’s our year.
Live like I been here, cuz baby I been there ... yea.
At the top, it aint nothing but thin air. Swimming in the water like a nigga got swimwear ..
Ugh ... it’s 2.

I had a lot of friends, but they turned into enemies – trying to mimic me...I think it’s nv (envy).
Said I’m gonna chase my dreams, but they aint like that...I think it’s nv.
Said I’m gon be one of the greatest, I just aint make it...I think it’s nv.
You from New York & Tennessee, now you living overseas? .. I think it’s nv. (Repeat 2x)

Verse 2
So I can’t have kids .. (why?) – cuz all I do is breed envy ..
Don’t tempt me .. I’m M.V ... P – capital letter;
They trying to weather the storm, and I’m just chilling in the weather.
Whether or not they win, to me it’s whatever,
Cuz they whole style’s broken, need to get it together. Yelling money over bitches, but you aint got cheddar, Talking like you a rapper, but you aint got better.
My bitch bad, her pussy wetter.
Music is my mistress, she love it when I hit her.
I’m a young star just shining like glitter,
High in the sky, yea you might see it lit up ...
It’s, better to burn out, than to fade away,
Yet I’m poetry in motion, like a fadeaway .. from MJ;
I’m just going through the motions, one day at a time. Craft my life, like I craft the rhyme ... I make it what I want.
I’m just chasing what’s real, gimme something I can feel. Damn, is that too much to ask? Young 2 Dash on a mission,
He just trying to get cash – and I aint gotta ask for help, Self-service niggas, you can go & gas yaself,
Now ask yaself, you think my shit’ll chill on the shelf?
I’m too hot for that, nigga I’m hot to def.
Smell the smoke coming off me like I burned myself,
I’m the boy in the corner, had to learn myself.
So every dolla that I get, ima earn myself;
I mean euros, pardon me, right now I’m overseas;
So ima chill & enjoy the breeze – enough of me, now back to the beat...
Yea, I know it’s deep ... it’s 2.

(Repeat Hook 2x)
I had a lot of friends, but they turned into enemies – trying to mimic me...I think it’s nv (envy).
Said I’m gonna chase my dreams, but they aint like that...I think it’s nv.
Said I’m gon be one of the greatest, I just aint make it...I think it’s nv.
You from New York & Tennessee, now you living overseas? .. I think it’s nv.

I think it’s nv, yea...I think it’s nv, yea...I think it’s nv. Don’t tempt me...a lot of people acting friendly, but I think it’s nv.
Yea, I think it’s nv (ugh), I think it’s nv.
Talking like you don’t remember me – we was cool back in the day, I think it’s nv.
They saying that I changed up – but it’s still the same ol’ me, same ol’ g.
What’s that? Iono, but I think it’s nv.
Yea, that’s how the game go
I think it’s nv ..
Track Name: We Winning (feat. Slick 64)
We Winning (feat. Slick 64)

Verse 1
Watch the beat crescendo, play em like Nintendo,
So high...that I can’t get low.
Here I go, here I go, bout to jump from the top flo’.
Like I been here before, just free falling...
Life’s a mirror so I gotta face it.
Feeling’s so real & I just want to chase it, yea...
I could run 4ever, through the coldest weather,
Got a tough skin, kinda like leather.
Don’t fold, don’t break, don’t bend.
I just treat rap, like a violin.
To me music is like a silhouette, of a bad chick named Violette,
And the more I use my tongue, the more I get her wet. Don’t get upset – that was just an analogy, so you can feel what I feel,
Feel my inner g, that’s the g in me, that means it’s my energy.
That mean it’s inside of me – the gift I was born wit,
My form is formless, so it would be useless to try & transform it.
Just follow my heart, it was there from the start,
Painting like Picasso, my beautiful art.
What you been taught? Can’t pick him apart.
And I shine so bright even glow in the dark (that right!).

I said I shine so bright ... hey Slick, come & help me out (“Ok”)

It’s 2-Tone & 64 stunting – yea we in it.
From New York to Paris & back – yea we in it.
Hot beats & fly girls errday! – we in it.
Killing this rap shit quick! – yea we winning
(repeat 2x)

Verse 2
So high that I can’t get low;
Flow like H20, that’s water – translate that, that’s agua, Who’s coming hotter? Yet still cold at the same time.
I could slay a nigga wit one rhyme, cuz I bring heat like the sunshine, it’s son time.
In due time, ima get mine, but it’s gon take time...so in the meantime, I must grind (ok).
As I recline, and ease all the tension on my mind,
I start to breathe again, and start to feel fine.
I’m just hoping that it work out, wanna get what’s mine. Please dear lord don’t take me before my time.
Cuz it’s so much to do, so much to do.
Cuz these crazy ambitions of mine, might take 2 lifetimes.
And I think I done used 2 lifelines...I’m, just flowing like a pipeline.
Yea, just moving like a orbit, gimme the game & I swear I won’t forfeit.
I’m dead nice like a corpse get.
Crisp like a Christmas gift, freshly wrapped in fact.
So official, gimme 2 daps – and these cats sleeping on me need to take a cat-nap.
Im killing this shit, tell these niggas take a dirtnap –
It’s 2 Dash Tone, ya heard that??

(Repeat Hook 2x)

Ha ha, yea we winning mane. 2 Dash Tone...Slick 64.
Ha! We just chilling ya know? Doing what we do best.
It’s so much lined up – we gon hit em with that ‘Hope Dies Last’
But...yall not ready for that yet – so just vibe out; remember the tag-team.
I said it’s Slick 64 & 2 Dash Tone, and we came to get it on, and shit we never wrong.
Said it’s Slick 64 & 2 Dash Tone, and we came to get it on, we came to get it on.
Right...play this back a couple of times. Nahmsayin? It’s got that nice summer, spring feel to it. Know what I’m talkin bout?
4sho...it’s 2...ha! And I’m gone.
Track Name: Eve

Verse 1
Yea, this song goes out to you...a special somebody (somebody).

I can't fake it, I wanna see you naked,
Thinking bout you daily, and I’m just trying to make, happen.
And if you on-board, then I can be captain.
Looking in yo eyes, and I’m thinking bout the passion, Cuz I can feel the chemistry, girl its an attraction;
Feel it in my heart, you can say I feel the spark.
And if you let me, I will tear ya clothes apart.
A secret that we share, of things after dark.
But baby can you keep it? Baby can you keep it?
Cuz it's on its on the low, so, yea, we creeping ...
And if you can, we can do it this evening ...
Don't think about deceit, just think about the sheets.
And it's on the hush, aint no business in the streets.
And I’m feeling the rush every time that we meet ..
You starting to blush, and you looking so sweet ..
And you turning me on when you look at me ..
Cuz you just so sexy ... I want ya.

Cuz it’s a small town, and word get around.
So what’s it gon be, and how’s it going down?
I’m trying to move now, so what you wan’ do?
Balls in your court, and it’s all on you.
You wanna stay true, but you feeling so blue,
You gotta decide, so what you wan’ do?
Cuz it’s a small town, and word get around.
So what’s it gon be, and how’s it going down?

Verse 2
I know it's hard, now I’m thinking like I’m faded ... Complex – the situation complicated.
It's like we know what we wanna do (true)
But it's some things that we going through (true)
So what we gon do? Iono – the story's being written,
But plot twists exist, and things go different.
I aint suggesting, that we should be caressing,
I’m just saying that you feeling like a best friend.
Like someone that I knew, from long ago,
And I just want to see, where everything go ...
Cuz in my heart I know, it's gonna be so real.
And right now I just, want something I can feel. Something I can touch, and something I can hold. Something I can cherish, like a bar of gold.
Cuz you so hot, and I’m out in the cold.
You feel it? – Yea I feel it too.
And it's just a preview, of what I wanna do,
I want you to myself, yea I’m selfish.
But when I’m around you, I can’t help it.
But I want it that way, yea you know it.
And I know you feel the same way...ha!

(Repeat Hook)

Verse 3
It's been a minute since I felt like this,
And I aint really know that this feeling exist.
Started from friendship, cant call the ending..
Feel like I known you, but it’s the beginning.
It feels good, so I’m chasing the feeling.
Going with the flow, just letting it roll..
Cuz such is life mane, and you never really know.
But the feelings that you show, make me feel like the man.
Cuz you start to smirk every time I touch your hand. Then you start to giggle, like something tickles.
You laughing like a girl, and I’m feeling like a kid again. And you just so sweet like cinnamon...
And I’m thinking when you gon let me in?
Cuz I wanna be more than just friends.
Wanna be the one that you see in the morning;
Soon as you wake up, roll over & you yawning.
You’re truly something special, can tell God blessed you, And I would never lie, I’m just being honest. Made you in his image, that’s why you a Goddess,
Perfect from head to toe, I’m paying homage.
Yea we got problems, but we can get beyond it.
Put us in a room & we boom super-sonic.
Me and you a perfect two, I’m so on it.
Life is short baby and I’m living for the moments.

Yea...it’s 2, Dash Tone.
Cuz it’s a small town, and word get around.
So what’s it gon be, and how’s it going down?...Down. Yea..how’s it going down baby? How’s it going down? How’s it going down? How’s it going...down?
Track Name: Dollas & Dreams
Dollas & Dreams

Verse 1
They want an encore...so I put it on the floor,
Now do you want more?
But I’m just balling, falling, never crawling,
Bitch niggas don’t deal wit em often – jerkoffs gotta off them,
And I don’t offend often – but I been grinding jack & aint been off since,
And I’m on some shit that makes no sense.
Hence, I’m trying to switch up the game, trying to find a different lane,
And leave better than when I came.
Life’s slow, gotta speed up the time frame.
Ok take 2 like a migraine – beats get slain, so feel my pain,
Back at it again, what’s the meaning?
Do you got an answer? I’m fiendin’...
Just wanna know, I just wanna grow,
I can’t move slow gotta get that dough.
Cuz time ticking yo – that’s why I’m trying to spend every minute in the studio,
Grind hard, get a couple groupy hoes, like here we go. You don’t agree but you feel me tho,
As I’m seeping through ya stereo, creeping, peeping. Trying to move a little different, trying to be at the start and not the finish, like an indent.
Not enough chiefs, too many Indians – revving my engine;
Trying to go from 0-60 in a 25, hands off the steering wheel feeling so alive,
It’s go time, do or die. Who is I? Nobody special, just rolling like a glass eye,
Coming up you aint even gotta ask why, cuz I’ll die if I don’t try,
So I ... am, spreading my wings like an eagle.
Long way from home, shout out to my people;
And even tho they not here, I know they wit me.
God forbid something happen, bet they come and get me. We on a paper chase, and I know they running wit me. Doing big things, trying to get more than 50 large or k on a good day.
Money flowing, just like my birthday – now we sip Perrier when we thirstay.
Girls wanna jock now, they lookin kinda thirstay;
When they stare I see the glare, they love me when I’m not there...
Man I swear, I’m a sucker for long hair, nice legs & cute toes...gimme those.
Let me see you walk in them Jimmy Cho’s...I mean I Jimmy Choo’s,
What you wanna do? Baby you can choose.
It’s only a gamble if you lose.

It’s only a gamble if you lose...you know the deal.

Rapping & schemes, dollas & dreams,
Chasing the girls, chasing the cream.
Cream of the crop, I bet I don’t stop.
My time’s coming soon & I bet I’m gon drop.
And ima keep going...I’m never gon stop,
And you gon like it, like it a lot,
Cuz it’s hip-hop, cuz it’s hip-hop,
Cuz it’s hip-hop, cuz it’s hip-hop...

Verse 2
And with that said I’m rolling the dice of life, hoping I don’t get snake eyes twice.
I can rap well, yea I’m so able - and I want it so bad, that it’s all on the table.
I came out my cocoon like that thing on her navel.
My time coming soon, I can feel it – and lately every track I been rapping to, I kill it.
I kill it...I kill it. Rest in peace cuz I killed it.
Hope you feel it – signed and sealed it...now who tha illest?
Ugh, now back to business – more spittin, more writtens;
Coming wit more stories like Charles Dickens – so it’s only right that I got a twist like Oliver.
Life sucks, I just hope she’s a swallower.
I’m on twitter, but I never been a follower.
Better than I ever been, I done got my mileage up.
High above ground, I done got my pilot up.
So next time you looking for me, just look up.
And you aint even gotta be starstruck – checking my astrology...
Just accept me, like an apology.
And recognize, that I’m a prodigy.
Man I gotta be – it’s the land of the blind, so I gotta see. And I just gotta be me; my poetry epic like the Odyssey.
And I suppose that I’m just another oddity...
I’m in the sky, who as high as me?
The music so true, why would it ever lie to me?
But ironically I’m tired of the truth, so tell me the lies.
I been through so much, you can see it in my eyes.
All you gotta do is look, I aint trying to hide.
On the road of life, I’m just trying to drive.
Steering wheel, no passenger side.
And we may not have a nice car...
But I know we get far, cuz I know who we are.
I know who we are...

And we may not have a nice car, but I know we get far cuz I know who we are.
I know who we are – and we don’t need a deal cuz we already stars.
Just keep giving beats cuz we got plenty bars.
And I know we get far, I know we get far cuz I know who we are.
I know who we are...

(Repeat Hook)

Yea, it’s hip-hop. 1 to the 2 & you don’t stop.
And it’s 2 Dash Tone – bringing that real, it’s something you can feel.
Cuz it’s...hip-hop (hey), hip-hop (hey), hip-hop.
Yea, it’s hip-hop – so vibe wit it, and vibe to it.
Yea we vibing...we mobbing...we rolling
Got my 1’s & 2’s – Slick mixing in the levels, making me sound cool.
Shout-out 64 StudiOz – Slick I see you. Oz what up? Bugatti I see yall.
Exodace records – where we at? Paris...France.
We coming up, it’s our year.
It’s our year...yea.
Track Name: Sharp Shooter
Sharp Shooter

Sharp shooters, aint gotta worry bout intruders;
Watch friends, not enemies – might shoot ya, like a luger, Right through ya, might throw ya, to the wolves...
Just so they stomach is full – I hate to stomach the bull. And if a nigga smoked, then I would take a pull...
What’s trust when you get fucked up in the process? Feelings get bust, and niggas get brusied;
And when it’s all said and done what the fuck did you prove...?
That you cant do what you came to do?
Bruised ego, bruised soul,
Not me tho...still shine, like gold.
Still on my Bruce Wayne flo – still spit that cold.
Still got that shit to leave em in the cold, I...
Remain as real as when I came, couple of scars but still unscathed.
Still dope as cocaine – plus a nigga can take the pain like novocane.
It’s just life & I’m going through the motions;
One life to live, and I swear I’m so devoted.
Still pursuing all of my dreams you can quote it.
Quote, “I’m the illest – put me on the beat, I’m an animal, I kill it.” Unquote.
Yea, and she’s a set-up bitch.
If she did it full time then the hooker’d be rich.
Bring some niggas to yo crib, have em all in yo shit.
And have a nigga like me saying what the fuck is this?! And sometimes I like to trip, wish I had a clip,
And start bustin’ that shit right in they face, like blackow, Like nigga fuck a case – but I aint have shit so I was swinging my fists.
But you can keep ya girl ... ha, you live & you learn.
If you playing wit fire, then you gon get burned,
And I couldn’t wait to play, shit it was my turn.
Yea – as the world turns, I’m standing in the middle of the madness,
Sane or a savage, fraid of being average.
And that’s what makes me do what I do;
And cherish everything I been through: the good, the bad, the ugly,
Cuz it all counts, nigga trust me.
And if you don’t fuck wit me, fuck ya.
But life is too short; so I aint fin 2 trip of you, or you, or you ... or you.
Besides it’s too much that I got to do.
And if a nigga broke, gotta break the rules.
It’s 2 sides to me so they call me “2” .. Dash .. Tone,
Yea, you hear the echo.
Holding on tight, and I swear I never let go;
Check yo stamina, put me in the ring & I damage ya, Making all these moves no manager.
Still keep it clean like a janitor, I’m manning up.
Still making moves I aint had enough.
You didn’t get on, you didn’t flow hard enough, I’m starting up.
I’m just rapping like Tone in 07.
When any beat was my weapon,
And I couldn’t wait to send an emcee to heaven,
Cuz my words was bussin like a mac 11.
Can’t nobody save ya, betta call ya reverend.
Betta call ya buddy, it’s fin 2 get ugly.
Saying that you doing dirt?
Ha, well it’s fin 2 get muddy.
But now things done changed, and shit’s funny.
And I can’t talk unless we talking money.
I wrote this rhyme in the storm...but now it’s looking kinda sunny.

Yea, it’s looking real sunny.
That’s true shit – it’s 2...Dash...Tone (that my name) Yea, and like that, I’m gone...
But – fuck it, just let the beat ride out.
Yea, just let the beat ride out...
Sharp shooters... trying to shoot my dreams, they’ll never stop my schemes.
Never, I see em, and im still on point like an infrared beam.
Shout-out to the team: what up? 64 StudiOz.
I see yall – from New York 2 Paris..
Aight, I’m gone .