2​.​0 (The Upgrade)

by Parisian Tone

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The second installment in the 2 Dash Tone saga...


released October 2, 2008

Mixed & Engineered by Eric Horowitz

Bandcamp Banner by Janele Bryan


all rights reserved



Parisian Tone New York, New York

Paris | New York

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Track Name: 2.0

Verse 1
They said that I was stalling,
Put the first cd out and bring the 2nd installment.
I know, it’s appalling, no Nike airs still feeling like Jordan;
Got a few more people hearing the recordings,
They starting not to sleep, I don’t hear that much snoring.
They wake up when they hear the rhymes aint boring
Cuz I flow like heavy showers down-pouring.
Spotlight coming soon – can’t ignore him,
I’m feeling like a werewolf and it’s full moon,
Put the shine on a nigga, make em reach full bloom
Gotta grind this out till I reach the tomb
Ask me when I’m bout to blow, I think it’s soon.
Only one top spot, so you better make room.

(repeat 2x)
I’m feeling like I can’t plateau,
I been holding on too long now to let go, so,
Let’s roll, let’s flow, to the next episode, it’s 2.0.

Verse 2
I just gotta go for mine,
Trying to stand up kinda like a dog on it’s hind legs.
Riding to the top like pegs till I upgrade; 2.0, nigga that’s a update.
Let it ring in ya head like a metal plate,
I aint ahead of my time, the others just late.
All about my grind like lets skate,
Gotta make it to the top nigga why wait?
Anything less is just irate, and in my mind state, I feel great!
And what they won’t let me have then I must take,
And I know on the road ima make some mistakes.
But I promise, it’ll be polished before the break
From pieces to weight this is my transition,
Revving up the game like a new transmission
I done tuned up, don’t need a new engine,
Coach I been working on the game don’t bench him
Shiiiit, all a nigga need is a listen.
Going for the shine then you know I gotta glisten
You’ll know me by the time I die, that’s the mission.

(repeat chorus 2x)

Verse 3
I put on a show, like a soap opera.
For a fee I’ll operate just like a doctor;
On the track you can call me a surgeon,
If time is money, then fuck it I’m splurging
Spending time on cleaning the game like detergent
Plenty claim to be the best, but they aint surface.
I think they like me cuz they know I’m imperfect
Plus the flow take em to church just like service.
It’s all about my virtues and vices,
Gotta make it happen so I gamble like dices.
Gotta grind too, plenty sacrifices,
I give up a lot to get what my soul need.
Plenty pain in the pen make that ink bleed;
Put a price on my music cuz aint shit free.
So I guess this purchase worth it;
Thinking that I couldn’t do it twice still serve it!

(repeat chorus 2x)
Track Name: Grind Hard ft. Kadimak & Young Gutta
Grind Hard ft. Young Gutta & Kadimak

Me and my niggas hustle, me and my niggas grind
Fast-forward that money and then we press rewind.
(repeat 4x)

Verse 1
It’s kinda funny how the money changes the perception of the kid,
Shit, I guess that’s how it is.
I get it how I live and I live how I get it,
Cuz a nigga want the green, like Popeye want the spinach.
Appraise the flow, and it’s something like a thousand dollars a sentence,
And the value quadruple if the shit is a written.
Trying not to take a loss by a double cross,
Small time niggas just the underboss and I’m over yall.
Money from the grind, hold me up, kinda like over-alls
And if the dough break up then it make up, like cover-all
I’m the early bird on the wake-up, no sleeping,
And when I make more than I’m worth, shit we even.
Bread, cheese, cake, so watch how I’m eating,
Got it sewn like good jeans call me the seamstress;
There’s a metaphor to the grind, find the meaning
That money on my mind turn me to a genius.

Verse 2 (Kadimak):
I’m on a mission, for them paper digits, I gotta get it,
Scuffling and struggling, trying to come up in Memphis!
Hustling hard to get that loot off in my bridges,
Made it my obligation
Keep the focus and pacing, while torrent shit I’m facing.
Getting myself correct, trying to clock them checks,
Staying broke, is something that I wont accept.
Baby no time for sex, I’m on the grind trying to accumulate,
On wealth and nigga that’s a bet! Biotch!

(repeat chorus 2x)

Verse 3 (Young Gutta):
Hustle everyday homie, so my muscle in tact.
Call me a heavy weight, but I’m far from fat.
I got money on my mind and I see it crystal clear,
Mane the loot need me like broads need a pap smear homie!
I’m a real nigga, so my limit is the sky,
Blowing granddaddy purp that make you rookies cry.

Verse 4
It’s money over bitches so baby we can’t date ya,
The hustling and the grinding is just part of the nature.
The swag that come wit it, well that’s part of the paper,
Born broke, die rich, the realest words I ever spoke.
They say I’m dope boy fresh and I aint even sold dope
But when I chop the lyrics up dog it’s kinda like coke,
All the words that I spit get me spins like spokes,
That’s what got the people talking like stories of a ghost.
But you tripping if you think that I’m just a superstition,
I’m super-sized enough to soak a nigga while he sipping,
On Cerveza, crack his cabaza and homie see ya later
I’m a demonstrator turned dictator know what I mean?
Like there’s no “I” in team, but there’s an “I” in regime
But the grind’s more than money, it’s more like what you dream
Cuz everything I go for is very seldom seen…
Now, let a nigga get back to the scene!

(repeat chorus 4x)
Track Name: Haters Anthem
Hater’s Anthem

Verse 1
Ever since my younger days, I been a renegade
No Mafioso, but a nigga still made
And a hater’s just a Xbox, they meant to get played,
Fuck niggas trying to stop the masterminding of a genius!
Mad at the fact cuz they could not conceive this
Said I couldn’t do it but I made em all believers,
Then I had em yelling dam, like a bunch of beavers
Get ya spectating on, stay up on the bleachers.
Trying to stop the team but they cannot beseech us,
Try to touch, bitch niggas we turn to dust, it’s a must.
I got nerves of steel, yall softer than a dutch,
Plus I got a handle on the game like I’m driving clutch.
It’s suicide if you and the squad try to rush;
Funny how the more I ride, the more I drive you nuts.

I put my soul on trax, feel like I’m dying,
Don’t believe me, listen to the track hear the guitar crying;
Beat ringing in my head just like a set of sirens
Pay no mind to opposition cuz they just tyrants.
And I’m tired, of their tirades
I know my future’s bright, so you might need shades.

Verse 2
Why you mad at a nigga, cuz he’s handsome?
Or cuz you know he capable of making more than ransoms?
So to the bitch ass haters, I dedicate this anthem
Ya life is scripted, so play ya role like Ted Danson.
I standout cuz my performance simply outstanding
Leave me anywhere stranded, but I still manage.
And I know if I fail then yall all start dancing,
That’s why I put so much preparation into standing.
But from ya mind frame it ain’t no way to understand him,
So yall stick to ya tactics of being underhanded.
Folks know I got rhythm, operate wit precision,
On point at all times like a prism;
And I see the world from my bars like a prison.
Leave an impression on your mind it’s kinda hard to forget him.
I got so many hater’s I could start a religion,
That’s right, God as my witness.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
I’m just trying to get silver-stone’s like Alicia.
Money in abundance, and whips I aint leasin’ em’
Abusive on the tracks, damn right, I’m beating em!
Worldwide known, so all the bad bitches freakin’ em’
My name in bright lights, similar to that neon;
Out the country on business, yall know, he gone.
Got a grip on all my shit, just like pythons,
Heavy weight up in this shit, call me Ty-son.
People tuning into me, so please cut the mic on
I’m deadly with this music shit, yall should be warned.
Tone is out the institution, ring tha e-larm (alarm)
Hater’s trying to touch me but I am Teflon.
The same nigga that’s at the top’s the same nigga you slept on
But I kept making moves, and I’m shining just like dawn.
Don’t fuck wit us, me and the squad sharp as tusks.
Put that ass to bed like its dusk, trust.

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Hip-Hop Slaughter
Hip-Hop Slaughter

Verse 1
Watch how a gifted amateur move,
Got good credit, so I’m trying to pay my dues.
Got the shit laced up like I tied my shoes,
I’m 411 and the other’s is old news.
And I got the shit smothered, the other’s is so blue.
Left no paw-print so they never had a clue.
Rap game’s whack, wishing everybody knew,
Manufactured image on the screen, just do you!
You don’t have to bang or sell and they’ll still respect you,
Industry a carousel, cuz it aint no next move.
Hop on the ride, go around and cut the check fool
Tell a few lies, bout a few pies and the gats too.
Huh, as I’m starting to think,
The bullshit that they keep selling starting to stank.
I wonder what these niggas go and do for some bank?
Create fiction, all a nigga need is some ink.

(repeat 2x)
I’m feeling like I can’t lose,
Put my mind to it, and it just moves…
What’s that? That’s anything I do.
Cuz as long as I remain I stay forever true.

Verse 2
Most industry cats are re-enactors,
If you was good from the trapping then why you start rapping?
Nowadays, everybody’s a G,
But I bet if they throw life your way you cop a plea;
Then bounce back wit a lame excuse like “jail ain’t me”,
Fuck it, I don’t want to be in the pin, that’s slavery;
I like the outside wit bad bitches that’s savory,
End of discussion ain’t shit that you can say to me.
Musically I eat these rappers like cannibalism,
Stop fronting so tough, that’s a good decision.
Yall so hardbody you bout to have an aneurism;
Big gun, key of coke, new rap religion.
Like don’t nothing else go on in the world we live in,
I guess the jewels blinded you, and yall just forgetting.
Lemme clean the game, hand me the mop.
Why everybody talk about the heat, but it don’t pop?
Not every black person wants to go and get shot,
But I get it, yall actors and that’s just a prop.

(repeat chorus 2x)

Verse 3
What ever happened to the fun times and fun rhymes?
Now a nigga cracked out from hearing so much coke lines.
Rappers aint rappers they just mimes;
Fabricate a past just to blow like a mine.
Knowing they prolly made the honor roll and got more up on they mind.
But fuck it, I guess it’s just the times, it’s displaced, plus it’s a disgrace,
Everybody wanna be Scarface, but don’t half of em even have a scar up on they face.
Now what kind of sense does that make?
Everybody please take a moment to think (I’ll wait).
And the bad part is, life imitates art,
Ghetto full of kids ready to pick niggas heads apart.
Cuz that’s what they hearing in the music that they call art…
Damn, that ain’t smart.
And rappers lie in like 99.9 percent of the rhymes,
And half the time they don’t write they own rhymes!
The moral of the story, please do something different,
If not, then slide to the right like an indent.

(repeat chorus 2x)
Track Name: My World
My World

Verse 1
I’m just trying to get up out this dream, true story.
Cuz I just want to make it home, just like Dorothy.
The dream state I’m in, got me shivering,
What happened to the world full of bliss? Damn!
You know the one with drive-by’s and murders?
Victims in the way they get served up…yea.
Where they fighting terrorism, in, in this era
And even though we overseas, the hood still got terror.
Same one where the rich get richer,
And the poor well…they never see any parts of that picture.
And most cops got a trigger finger that itches,
And they jobs to patrol and police all the niggas.
Where preachers put a price on they scriptures,
For 29.95 you will be delivered.
Where people aint got food and starve for dinner,
My world’s upside down…I’m just trying to remember.

I’m dreaming, and I can’t really seem to wake-up.
Chilling wit Lucifer, talking bout the maker.
Weed from Columbia, coke from Jamaica,
Sharks in the sky and the planes don’t fly they swim…
What kind of world am I in?
Damn…what kind of world am I in?

Verse 2
The world I know is full of love
Where women raise their kids by they self and the blocks full of drugs.
And the more you pop your gun…well shit that’s a plus.
And if he pop off, then violence is a must
Where most die wit a bill, not a will or trust.
And so many take they own life for not having much.
When all they needed was a human touch.
Same world where no one really stops to listen,
And the people don’t see you without a pot to piss in,
And they love to shatter your dreams when you optimistic
And they love it even more when you fucked up and twisted.
I wanna go home, but why?...I’m kinda forgetting.
It must be this dream I’m in, it got me tripping…
Yea, it’s the dream I’m in it got me tripping.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
When it rains it pours, and the sadness dampens.
In a lot of communities, AID’s running rampant…
Where, politicians usually don’t give a fuck,
And your issues out of luck if they aint making a buck.
Where most people stuck and they trying to get up
And many go crazy cuz they simply had enough.
A lot of families unfed, and they fed-up.
And if you below the poverty line, there’s no step-up
Society think we tomatoes, they say catch-up
With all the trials and tribulations, it’s hard to get a leg-up.
I, can’t lie, I wanted to go back, but I don’t know why…
If I went there my mind would fry.
Damn…maybe I’m high, but I like it better with sharks in the sky.

(repeat chorus 2x)
Track Name: Harlem ft. Illeegal & Jessica G
Harlem ft. Illeegal & Jessica G

Verse 1
Reminiscing on days past, broke as a joke
No money to pop-tags, so we get high and laugh,
Right after we cut class
See the 5-0 before 12-noon, then we gotta dash! (Ha!)
Being bad, even though we only so young,
Smoking everyday, kinda like we don’t need lungs.
Yea we dumb, but really we don’t know no better,
Seduced by the street life, trying to get that cheddar.
Fantasies of a bad thing, I could make it wetter
Thinking of the right lie to tell her
My game, well, it wasn’t so strong way back when,
But ignorance is bliss and I wanna go back then…
Back to the simple times, a lil homie, still spitting simple rhymes
I reminisce…

I reminisce over Harlem
No drama, walk through with my head high
Smell gun smoke in the air when I walk by
I reminisce over Harlem

Verse 2 (Ileegal)
Home of Hector La Voe,
One of the greatest of all.
I could feel him in the air like I never before,
In Spanish Harlem, with Drama, Gunz, and D-Rugz and Old Nitty,
Where they roam with street thugs with no pity
Reminisce when the families united;
We was stronger than ever, but now we dying and fighting…
To survive in this world of sin, in Spanish Harlem, where my world begins.
I reminisce chilling wit my cuz little Vick,
Fucking a bitch, while he in the other room fucking a Crip.
It was funny as shit, man I never forget
Reminisce, riding in a whip – smelling Harlem in the air, it’s the life I live
If I recommend it to you, it’s the life I give. I reminisce…

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
In the summer on the block, where they play hip-hop
Girls with the short skirts, and the cute flip-flops;
Times money, so I gotta think tick-tock.
And the party never stop less we see the cops!
Everybody getting loose, smoking like a caboose.
Spitting in the cypher like we got one tooth
One, life to live and we just the youth
This is what we do, to make time go by
Sip brew, smoke bamboo, chill with the crew
Part time vandals, for nickel and dime scandals,
Trying to get a girl to back it up to see if I can handle
I get the digits, she let me wax it like a candle.
Drunk nights, high days and fist-fights
And we do it all again when it turn day-light
I reminisce…
Track Name: Barack (Prod. By Eric Horowitz)

Verse 1
I had a dream, but it died with Martin Luther King
And through it all, I knew we’d see better things.
From all our fallen leaders and soldiers,
The mountain to climb’s high, but we still get over.
Where it’s hard to get a helping hand,
My hope was sparked by the words “Yes We Can”
And through the pain and grief, I dispelled disbelief
And the pen’s stronger than the sword,
So when we speak, our voices rise high when we sing.
To the masses, until heaven and earth ring
United we stand, divided we fall,
But it’s all for one, and it’s one for all…yea.

Every hero got a theme song – ugh
And I’m just trying to get my dream on – ugh
And don’t you dare say I dream wrong,
Stepped up, when we was stepped on.
The road’s long but we kept on,
Road’s long but we kept on.

Verse 2
I don’t need 4 quarters, I need change!
Tired of the same old, trying to see the better things.
And they ask why the youth so tragic,
But if you don’t care, why you even asking?!?
But now wit inspiration to climb, we just need rope,
Audacious, cuz I got the audacity of hope.
The hope of seeing a new tomorrow,
The hope of having a new leader to follow;
The hope of being united as one,
Right below God, shining brighter than the sun.
I keep speaking till I aint got a lung,
We’ll keep reaching till the battles been won
We’ll keep working even when the works done.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
And come this time in November,
When all the competition’s been cut like timber,
We can take a moment of silence and remember,
Remember that this came with perseverance.
Anything that’s different, they gon fear it
And they can beat you down, but they can’t take ya spirit.
So dare to dream loud enough so the world hear it.
A time for change, the time is now
So lets change the times, and change em now.
We can, change the course of history
Constitution equal rights, accordingly,
And we can be all that we supposed to be.

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Girl You Know
Girl U Kno

Verse 1
Make my move, I’m fin to.
Cuz babygirl, shit, I’m feeling you.
Like you understand everything I been through,
So I’m putting you in my plans but it aint simple.
And I really think, that I love you.
Hate to sound like I’m running game, but it’s true
Without you then what would I do?
My oxygen to help a nigga breathe a-gain.
Soothing to my soul, your love is instrumental
Fast or slow, don’t really matter the tempo.
Help me when I’m feeling low, kinda like limbo
And even though you get around something like a nympho,
I don’t really trip off that other shit.
Cuz you help me with the flow, plus clock the grip.
Mrs. 2 Dash aka my gutta chick
Make sweet music like I’m rubbing on your clit.
So gon head and take the dick,
And let em feel the magic when we making the shit.

Help me fly, when I think I wanna die
Which you by my side, I know I get by
Wit just ya sound you get me high…
On cloud 9, I think I could touch the sky
I could touch the sky, I could, I could, I could…

Verse 2
Words can’t express the passion,
I could show more than I could tell, so prepare for the action.
Cuz when we get to it, we just make it happen
I fell from the start, you could call it entrapment.
Time goes by and my heart starts unraveling.
Turn your back on me and I swear I feel damaged.
But I don’t worry, our performance outstanding
And somewhere along the lines of my rambling
I know I prolly stole your heart just like a bandit.
Funny how wit me the 2 of us still standing,
And they recognize us, like the commandments
I’ll be the captain, so girl I’m commanding.
Step up in my cockpit – we’ll blast off like rockets,
And leave the haters watching and jocking (gone)
Shit, cuz as a duo, girl you know we’re just shocking.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Every emperor need a empress, somebody to impress
Something like a temptress…but a little bit more than a mistress,
And when I’m in distress, you can just digest everything.
That I’m going through girl its pure expression
Take away the pain like Excedrin,
Need my daily dose of you just like medicine
I’m better when I’m wit you, you know it, it’s evident
And when the fame comes you’ll be there, don’t stress it.
So all the rest of that bullshit is just irrelevant.
Please pay it no mind,
Seduced by your movements you’re deadly by design.
Guaranteed to have me gone each and every time…damn.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 4
You can cheat, you can leave, but you still a part of me.
And knowing that it’s mutual, I act accordingly.
Like it’s never gonna change, cuz it’s how it’s sposed to be
I swear that you my queen and I treat you like royalty.
I love how you got me hot and keep my blood boiling
And other times cool me down, like I’m north poling.
You’re complex like group sex, but I think I got you open,
Excuse me if I talk too much, I’m just poking and prodding
Trying to do the right thing to spoil my baby girl rotten.
Loves everyday, but when we do it it’s uncommon.
Don’t blush girl, cuz I’m just being honest;
And you I shall honor, believe that is a promise
Until my dying days, and it could be tomorrow,
But you’re running in my veins and I can’t stop it,
2-Tone and Hip-Hop, put us in a locket. (I love you girl)
Track Name: Get Better
Get Better

Verse 1
It’s like the game hazy,
Best of friends, ride or die till the end, and my homie went crazy.
I guess, the stress, was too much to take,
Building up in his head to the point that it break.
And when it all shattered…so did our friendship.
Broke my heart in 2, felt like I was friendless.
I think that I was more hurt cuz he aint reach out,
And let me know what his problems was about.
Surrounded by grief and strife, feeling confused and hopeless,
And so he tried, to take his own life.
But homes that aint right, we was sposed to grind together.
Get high, wine and dine together, when or wherever.
And when we got on, we would shine together,
Fucked up in the game, I guess the time’s never.

(repeat 2x)
I’m just praying that my homie get better,
And I don’t know if that’ll bring him together,
But it’s now or never.
When or where ever, if you needed or called,
I swear, I would of taken your problems and handled em all.

Verse 2
My nigga was always better with that freestyle shit.
He would flame me in a battle real quick, so sick
One of the sickest niggas that you ever heard,
Absurd with the words, he motivated me up on this rapping,
But 2 years later, I’m wondering what happened.
Always the cool one, thought it was under control,
But I guess sometimes its problems that don’t show.
And when you living that hood life sometimes you don’t grow,
And sometimes when you in the fast lane, then God put you on slow.
I would have thought for a fact you could be the best with this rap,
Nobody else, but I guess you aint believe it yourself.
And I want to send help, but what can I do?
You burned the bridge down homie now it’s all on you.
And the only way out is for you to get through,
But this is something that you gotta go and do.

(repeat 2x)

Verse 3
And I’m mad you aint talk to me and let me know what was going on,
Instead I find out when everything was wrong.
And I thought our friendship was strong,
But I guess in that regard, shit I was wrong.
Calling me on the phone tripping and bugging,
Saying I was trying to set you up, and you knowing that I wasn’t.
Had my blood boiling, talking loud and cussin’
And what’s fucked up, is you thought, that I thought that I was better than you;
My mixtape dropped, I was proud I had something to do,
But even more proud that I could show the crew.
But you live and learn and you get through.
I blame the circumstances…and I try not to blame you.

(repeat 2x)

Verse 4
I find myself reminiscing and then I start tripping,
Thinking bout all the fun times;
All the jokes, all the checking, all the free-style sessions,
All the times kicking it, young niggas living it.
You don’t need a shovel, nigga I know you digging it,
Like when you get back on your feet I know that you’ll be pimping it.
Sometimes I aint good with the prayers, so I’m singing a song
And I’m hoping that’ll get you along.
So stay strong, and don’t forget
“Nigga we on!”, say it one more time, “nigga we on!”
Track Name: Love Me
Love Me

(repeat 2x)
So just love me for me,
Cuz I’m bringing that quality.
And I can kick it just like karate,
2 Dash Tone, don’t forget the “e”. Just…

Verse 1
2 Dash, hotter than wasabi…
Rap to me more than a hobby,
Trying to make it to the top floor from the lobby;
Will I make it? Probably, you know how I be…
In a mind-zone of my own, known
Cuz young Shak-es-speare (Shakespeare) spits poems, I’m grown.
So the childish shit I leave alone, I’m trying to make a legacy
And death gon get the best of me, but please don’t question me.
Even with that, they still keep testing the: cardinal,
Soar above the competition charge like a brama-bull
Quarterbacking like Bledsoe, calling audibles,
Me making more than I can eat that’s plausible,
Blessed with the gift of gab, and baby girl that’s recordable.

(repeat 2x)

Verse 2
Just like me for me. Trying to put a price on love, but that be free
I try to put a price on my voice, that be G,
I started with The Remedy, so, hopefully they remember me;
Pain, strife, life, battles plus stripes.
I only live once, but I’m trying to do it twice,
Cuz I stay eternal every time I write,
And when I lay it down, I out live my life.
Been through plenty storms, had to make it through the night
So I appreciate it more when I see the lights,
Still dazed and confused, cuz it don’t seem right,
But let me voice resonate, cut up the mic,
Guaranteed to lay it down like a plumber lays the pipe,
I do it for the love, I don’t care about the hype;
I said, I do it for the love, fuck the hype.

(repeat 2x)

Verse 3
Love me, or hate, I swear it makes no difference.
I do think they tripping, I don’t think they listening,
They might be Tone-def, so they are not hearing,
Staring at the picture, that’s the man in the mirror.
And looking at mirages, it don’t clearer
(Ha ha, bring it back)
It’s all good used to being misunderstood,
I know a lot hate, cuz they wishing that they could,
Do what I did, but fuck it it’s show biz.
If you aint do it nigga, don’t be mad that’s yo biz.
I’m just trying to make magic, hocus-pocus.
Yea I talk about the shine cuz a nigga focused,
And I talk about the weed cuz a nigga smoking.
2 Dash, you know how I be;
Good, bad, or ugly, just just love me for me.
Track Name: Do You Wanna Ride
Do You Wanna Ride?

Verse 1
Do you wanna ride shawty? Show you things you never seen before,
You say ya man occupy ya time, but I ain’t seen em tho.
So all ya troubles, plus ya man, just leave em at the do’;
Cuz every little thing we do, he don’t even have to know.
You say the only thing he leave you wit is your heart-broke,
And you don’t think that it can change, but I got the antidote.
So 4 we go, girl it’s only one thing I need to know
Do ya, do ya, do ya…

Verse 2
I know you a grown lady, but I’ll make you my baby.
Been thinking bout you lately, and when I see you,
I wanna kiss you; I hate to miss you, I love to love you, love to hug you,
Love to get between them sheets and snuggle,
Cuz girl ya body downy soft;
I’m thinking bout getting you wet, just so I can lick it off.
Cuz guaranteed when we get it on, ima make sure that you get off,
And just to spend the night wit you, I’ll play my cards…
The right way, so we can lye back
How you want it? And it’s like that,
My favorite words from you, “I like that”,
And I know that you like that, so you gon love this.
But before we take this trip, do ya…

Verse 3
I wanna grip you and make love slow,
Have you hitting high notes like the maestro,
So here we go. And I can speed it up, but giiirrrrrrrrl,
It’s no rush, seduced by your frame, I’m in love with your touch.
Engulfed by your flame, you’re hotter than a furnace,
You got my body burning to give it to you;
Better than any man ever had…so I can make you forget any man you ever had.
And on the other hand, I wanna treat you just like a queen,
Addicted to your essence, I swear that I’m a fiend.
So let me get my fix miss thing…
You said your heart was broke and I can fix that thing, so do ya.
Track Name: Doctors Orders
Doctor’s Orders

Verse 1
My meat like Ballpark, it plump when we start cooking,
Damn, you look good, good-looking!
You say you tooken – I mean you taken…
TMI baby girl, too much information.
Relieve your frustration,
And this is well deserved cuz you know I been waiting.
But skip the bull ish, tonight I’m impatient.
Doctor Tone came to check up on his patient,
And everything that’s wrong, ima fix, no hesitation.
First off take ya clothes off,
And put em in the lost and found, then lay ya body down.
I wanna hear you make them freaky sounds, them “eewww oh my god!”
I feel em in my soul type of sounds…
I guess I’m pitching cuz I got my tongue on your mound,
And my head in between yo legs,
Heard what I said, cuz I’m fin to eat until I’m fed.
I said, I said…

I keep going, ga-going, I keep going,
And I know that she’s cumming!
Gotta check-up, it’s doctor’s orders,
And the doctor say ya body’s in working order.

Verse 2:
It’s missionary, so you know I got a birds-eye view,
And I make you cum twice like déjà vu.
I got that black magic, don’t confuse it with voodoo;
My acts are dispersive, keep giving it to you until your toes curl like cursive.
I want you to scream like its murder,
But you know, that I ain’t trying to hurt ya, just work ya,
Ya body’s looking divine, something like a goddess.
Backshots from behind, is how I pay homage.
I’m taking advantage of the position while I’m gripping ya hips
G-spot I wont miss…y’een had it like this.
I said, I said…

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3:
Wit a passionate kiss, it’s like I feel what you been through.
Body soul and mental; and your body’s so perfect,
That I wish I had a pencil, like I wish I had a stencil,
So I could draw you – and when I’m in between them walls, I adore you.
I ain’t telling lies, the sex so good that it could be televised.
Can I record? You decide…If not then get on top and ride, cuz we going for a drive.
That’s highway to heaven, sex is my weapon,
Count to 10 then bust at me! Like an old-western;
I love how you give it to me and then I give it back.
You got my dog barking, for that pussycat.
I said, you got my dog barking for that pussycat,
Ha I said, I said…

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: They Kno My Name
They Kno My Name

Verse 1
You heard a nigga wit flo, but not this clean.
Shine so hard I think I need sunscreen.
Cuz everything I spit is se-rene (serene)
And I serve that shit just like Serena…Williams!
Take me to the top like I rap wit helium
Shooting for the sky like I never saw a ceiling,
Thinking bout money like I was born with millions.
The tracks in pain, and I just came to heal em…
Yea and my dreams are vivid,
I swear when I’m dreaming I can talk to spirits.
And people think I’m crazy – Why?
Cuz I’m the only one that hear it,
But listen close you’ll see god in my lyrics,
No façade, I separate myself from the gimmicks.
I got my dick out like fuck the critics,
Standing alone, I give you a real image.
True dat, and I bet they mimic.
Everybody like to play for the team winning,
But what about when I’m down in the first inning?
Niggas ain’t got passion, just want to be in it.

Yea, yea, they know my name it’s 2 (repeat 3x)
I’m behind the trigger, but what’s the aim?

Verse 2
Looking around, it’s easy to be hopeless.
But why complain? I rather be focused,
Different day, same song let the track play
Ugh, like “sing to me, sing to me”
Music’s a pretty girl, and her name’s melody,
And her voice is so, so heavenly.
Every time I listen, something new she telling me,
So I sing back with more bars than a felony.

(Talking interlude, then back to the verse)

If you don’t know my name look it up in the dictionary,
Next to extra, extra-ordinary,
Extra scary, extra-terrestrial,
Up in the clouds you could say it’s celestial
So high up if you sneeze God’s blessing you,
I’m looking at the kingdom, I think I’m in the vestibule.
Flo so hot, but a nigga just extra cool,
Watch my step so I gotta step extra smooth.
Cuz on this journey I got something to prove.
A point that I drive to your brain like lobotomy’s,
That I attack music like a kamikaze,
Them other nigga’s Kinko’s, they just copy – sloppy.
Yea, yea, they know my name
And I’m behind the trigger, but what’s the aim?
It’s not to be the same…I said, it’s not to be the same.

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3:
Cubans to Newports, y’een know yet?
I’m a cigar, yall just cigar-rettes. Why would a rookie try to test a vet?
All odds on him, I wouldn’t take that bet!
Like an open wound, I just wanna cut that check.
Trying to keep with me, but I swear they lost,
And my bitch better than yours, she’s so posh
And she love me, cuz I’m a mac, like in-tosh (get it?)
Competition, they’re a mirage,
Just a mirrored-image of something depicted
Just contradictions, real close to fiction
And at the same time quite far from prolific.
I play the game of life like its Olympic
Another tri-atholon, run it like a marathon,
I just want some money, new whip and a herringbone,
And it would be nice if a label PUT A NIGGA ON!
But since they fucked up now, I gotta get gone.
Stop second-guessing myself, and start acting grown.
Focus on what’s right and not what’s wrong,
Back to the grind, back to the next song.

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Sometimes

Verse 1
Sometimes I feel like a lone desperado,
All against the world shooting hollows.
No friends, no homies, no one that really know me
Surrounded by people but still feel lonely.
And since, no one can console me, then no one can control me,
When I get to the point that I’m bout to flip shit.
Mindset fuck this, fuck everything.
Life’s a bitch and I’m married to her…no wedding rang (ring).
I bring my hands together to alleviate the pain,
I know God’s up there, but sometimes it’s unchanged,
Still praying for the better things and the better days.
Fuck friends, I rather get ends; cuz ain’t nobody down,
And ain’t nobody real, fuck how they feel this is how I feel.
Play it back on the reel – my life’s like a movie, so who’s gon shoot me?
Yell that’s a wrap; sometimes I wanna see the credits,
Cuz sometimes I wonder where I’m headed
Cuz I got a sinister side inside, that tear me down
Instead of build me up, what the fuck?
Any suggestions I’m stuck…

(repeat 2x)
Sometimes, I don’t know what’s on my mind.
Maybe it’s the times or just this one time.
Give me a touch that’s benign and gentle,
Cuz sometimes I just wanna break like a pencil.

Verse 2
I’m trying to fix what’s hurting,
But ain’t nothing working, and I don’t know what it is for certain.
I need a remedy to remedy me, before it’s curtains.
The more I open my eyes, shit the more I wanna die.
Not always, but sometimes, and it’s hard to explain what’s on my mind;
But I can say that there’s a war in my insides. I need a touch that’s benign.
Cuz there’s a power struggle between, good and evil
Between the devil and a steeple,
Between my full potential and heights unable of reaching.
Am I preaching? Or am I teaching?
Nah…I’m just talking; all this is on my chest,
And I’m trying to get it off quick,
Huh…somebody send a helping hand, for real.
I’m starting to think nobody give a damn, damn.

(repeat chorus 2x)

Verse 3
I got a couple of screws loose,
So I talk to the track and stay in ya ear just like bluetooth.
Put my pen to the pad, like Blue’s Clue’s;
Maybe that’s a metaphor, cuz I’m blue.
Fuck trying to get it, I’m trying to get through,
Cuz everyday is a struggle;
A nigga trying to bubble, so a nigga gotta hustle
And he gotta use his muscle, but sometimes that ain’t strong enough.
And my expenses, are expensive, but sometimes the money ain’t long enough.
Man times are tough, and I had enough,
Fuck the world like cheap pussy, and tell it keep douching.
But long as I’m in it, ima keep pushing.
I got the weight of the world on my shoulders still,
And every now and then I aint the man of steel,
But I’m still the playmaker, so I’m going for the steal
And I’m going for the basket – cuz God knows I ain’t ready for the casket.
Not yet Lord don’t take me today, just let the track take me away…
Like that.
Track Name: My Death
My Death

Verse 1
I visualized my death, traumatized in cold sweats,
Body starting shaking cuz my soul aint left yet.
Nena started yelling, hitting notes like Wyclef;
Bullets penetrated tearing bones and flesh.
Flyin through my chest, one hit my neck,
Couldn’t yell for help – my assailants shielded by night, started bustin’
Till there was nothing left, not even a sound
I hope my soul flys, as my body hits the ground.
Felt a cool calm, aftermath of all the rounds;
I felt peaceful, even though the act was deceitful,
Done in by a foe, or worse my own people.
And since my life is the sum of all my actions,
They knew that I was greater so they had to subtract him,
Broke my body down to a fraction, what happened?

Verse 2
As I feel the blood drain slow, kinda like draino,
I’m clinching on to life not wanting to let go,
And hoping that my soul don’t feel inferno,
A lake full of sulfur, with fire eternal.
Let my soul fly, if not then I don’t want to die
Sad by my own death, I could see my mama cry;
Starin at the casket fo’ tears hit her eyes,
Thinking to herself “WHY?”
Little sister not understanding, feeling abandoned,
My pops losing his screws, with thoughts running rampant.
Before my last breathe I’m thinking bout the 10 commandments,
Like “God, please have mercy on your child”
Choking up blood as I try to crack a smile.

Verse 3
Nothing I could do paralyzed by all the pain,
Started replaying my life in the back of my brain,
Thinking, is there anything that I could of changed?
Or was it fate, victimized by the food chain?
Damn, the bullets hurt, feel like a freight train on my chest,
Every time I inhale, I try to take a breath.
Body shutting down must be cardiac arrest.
I’m praying to God that he lay my soul to rest,
While I’m preparing to leave this world and complete his last test, no regrets.
Only thinking that I didn’t have kids, and no wife, to let my soul live.
But I put my soul in my music till I was soul-less,
And hopefully that’ll bring solace.
No longer surrounded by strife, it was predicted,
That my death would be, would be, would be…
Larger than life.
Track Name: Good-Bye

Verse 1
Lets not say good-bye, or bad-bye,
Lets say until next time.
Until the next time my thoughts touch beats,
Or rather, until heaven and earth meet.
See, the wonderful thing is you can always hear me speak;
Just press play, and brighten up your day.
And feel the warmth of those sunrays,
As the music hits your ears and put a smile on your face.
And it’s you who I would like to thank,
For putting in this CD and thinking of me.
Cuz without you, honestly, where would I be?
No one to talk to when my thoughts start tripping,
No one to hear me out and give me a listen,
Cuz if you really give me a listen, you’re closer than some of my friends,
Real-talk and that’s just what it is…
But as you know I gotta go, so!

Verse 2
I couldn’t leave so soon, but still I gotta depart,
And besides saying good-bye too long is never smart.
We all make mistakes, and nobody’s perfect,
But tell me: wasn’t buying this cd so worth it??
I feel the same way to!
I make medicine yall, it’ll help you get through
On a day in ya life, when you don’t know what to do.
It’s the buyers guarantee, so that mean it’s true!
And I’m living out my dream, how bout you??
Anything you want, you can do too!
And I hate to sound cliché, but sky’s the limit,
And the sky go on forever so there aint a limit in it.
That’s my producer, scratching the beat and playing me off.
It’s 2! Until the next time yall!